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  1. I have a blender model of a thermonuclear rocket engine. how do I import it to ksp
  2. I think ksp2 should add rotating detonation engine. The specifics impulse of the rotating detonation engine is 25% higher that the normal engine with it's fuel types.
  3. Hopefully ksp2 will have more propulsion system like Engine type Isp Dual-stage 4-grid electrostatic ion thruster 19300 Ideal photonic rocket 30,570,000
  4. I can't find the nuclear jet exhaust but I think this is very close to the video exhaust :
  5. For extra realism heres the specifics impulse of the fuels: Chemical Engine Specifics impulse: Liquid Hydrogen + lithium + florine | 500-550 Kerosene + liquid oxygen | 250-340 Liquid hydrogen + liquid oxygen | 380-470 ion engine Specifics impulse: Propellant Isp liquid ceasium | 6000-10000 Xenon | 1600-19700 Hydrogen
  6. 1.I hope ksp 2 have more jet engine like scramjet, ramjet , nuclear scramjet , nuclear ramjet , zip fuel jet engine, and zip fuel turbo ramjet engine 2.I hope ksp 2 have more types fuel like zip fuel, ethanol , Liquid Hydrogen + lithium + florine, Highly Refine Kerosene , Highly Refine Kerosene + triethylborane + liquid oxygen. 3.I also hope that ksp 2 have a better exhaust like this jet engine afterburner , Nuclear jet engine , Highly Refine Kerosene + triethylborane + liquid oxygen exhaust
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