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  1. His profile pic is of a handsome kerman @adsii1970
  2. I hope they do, but I wouldn't count on it. That seems like a level of detail that only ocean exploration games would go to. That does sound really cool though.
  3. Finally finish a career save Land on Duna, Eve, Moho, Joolian Moons, Eeloo Fine... Dres
  4. I'm not going to mess around with this at the moment (I'm busy with other things) but if you want to change it feel free! Just edit the suit texture in your favorite image editor, and make sure not to change the file name.
  5. That's going to be very difficult to program. I think we will just have parts explode on impact, but with cooler explosions! Although on second thought maybe you could make some models with holes and stuff, and just spawn them in when parts crash.
  6. I suspect you may have some bias
  7. Nate Simpson's usual calm explanations breaks to show us how much he loves this game Also does anyone else notice the terrain? The mountains look so beautiful! I can't wait to plant a colony right on the edge of a ridge, with a balcony overlooking the valley! Just noticed this as well, the normal map on the ground looks a little flat, but I'm sure you will fix that before launch. I know you said in the last one that the terrain will look even nicer after you guys mess with it a bit, so I can wait! 8 months to 2022! The fuel production plants look amazing! After seeing the reactor
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