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  1. Or at least a better way to be able to make parts. Right now you have to load KSP every time you want to see the changes.
  2. what is the actions tab? Is this the action groups menu?
  3. TBH it sounds like a new game. I think they are finishing up KSP2 and will start or have started working on a new game. I don't know why they would just make one game and call it a day.
  4. So far there is only speculation. Some atmospherics have been confirmed (such as clouds) While we have no answer yet, the things we've seen seem to imply that there will be radiation. Possibly even life support and aging There are greenhouses in the bases. I may be wrong but I thought this was confirmed. Can someone fact check me? I think Ovin is supposed to have an inclination and they showed us this in the first Friday show and tell. Don't worry, your english is great! Welcome to the forums! Like @Dr. Kerbal said, for more info read the dev diaries and th
  5. Hey @iremainanonymous, yes this challenge is still open! Feel free to submit your entry! Just make sure to read the rules carefully. Good luck!
  6. Thats my favorite type of soup @No no @more925 @[email protected]
  7. I've never made a config patch, where would I put it?
  8. April is my guess. Thats the fiscal year start for Take Two and the other release dates where then too.
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