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  1. Is 10 good? In America we use a 100 point scale
  2. This thing is seriously awesome. Massive rovers are the coolest Of course! I see rovers as every vehicle that isn't a ship, plane, or rocket, and I'd love to see more submarines here!
  3. Wow this is cool! Can't wait to bike around on Duna! This is a great addition to ksp
  4. 7/10 I've seen you around, but not as much as some people
  5. Agreed, with school and work I haven't been as active as I used to, and I'll never be as active as some people on here @Admiral Fluffy 8/10
  6. What happened to the little dots that said how many posts you had? I just noticed that it was gone. And yes it was the punctuation war that reminded me...
  7. Wait there is a auto filter? Let me just test it really quickly (nothing bad just grammer 1940s german person) Grammer pedant wow thats kind of cool
  8. Where is @adsii1970 hmm? He seems to be avoiding our thread
  9. Neat So this is how to do KSP forumwhatand this too! tables
  10. Hey @KSPStar I'd love to get Kerbalized Image in spoiler Thanks!
  11. no its me @ColdJ did you change your pfp?
  12. 10/10 you were my first follower
  13. @king of nowhere that first rover is incredible. Landing on Tylo in Kerbalism is really tough, even with a conventional lander
  14. 10/10, you were the first to comment on my rovers thread Shameless self plug
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