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  1. 10/10, you were the first to comment on my rovers thread Shameless self plug
  2. The fact that Minmus orbits Dres which orbits Kerbin makes it super cool. Would that even be possible IRL?
  3. Its been a while, school and work have kind of gotten in the way of KSP. But the rover thread is still taking posts! @adsii1970
  4. Have you read the new Andy Weir book yet? (guy who wrote Martian)
  5. 3/10 Hmm, the name is familiar but I can't place it
  6. Maybe later but for now its just me @ColdJ
  7. IDK what people where using KAC for before, but I think the stock alarm clock is great
  8. I think this has been noticed before. If I remember correctly, this is an error from the great forum purge
  9. First! @purpleivan you may be interested in this
  10. The green color of glowing uranium? Also I love the names your giving the rockets! This was a good read, I'm hoping it comes back some time
  11. First! No pics no cliks, sorry thems the rules kidding, this mod looks super cool! Can't wait to try it!
  12. I loved the old KSCN thread, super excited for this new one!
  13. 6/10 I think I've seen you before but I'm not sure.
  14. This seals the deal. Must buy new PC. Maybe 3070s will be back in stock soon?
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