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  1. I was going up to minmus orbit and plunging down. I thought that was the best way to take advantage of Kerbin's gravity well. Maybe a orbit might be better?
  2. Sorry about Gif bombing, I was just excited. I'll try to keep it in mind when I comment.
  3. yeah the F3 menu messes up, you have to do a quicksave and quickload to get it to acknowledge your speed. I've tried some more but haven't been able to replicate my first success. My Jool slingshot entry disentigrated and my SRB test fell to the kraken. Maybe its time to move on to a new class?
  4. I just discovered how you can play old versions of ksp!

    I'll download these when I get a chance, and show them in a thread. 

    1. adsii1970


      Kerny's Journal spans 1.1 to 1.3. 

    2. Kerminator K-100

      Kerminator K-100

      I don't know that I can get anything past the paid KSP release, whenever that is. There were a lot of problems with people asking for that and the thread got shut down. Also I use Steam so I can only go back to 1.4, using the library.:sob:

  5. By stacked, do you mean placed on top of each other, or inside?
  6. Just check out some of the rockets here, there are some really small ones https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/192955-orbit-boot-camp/
  7. I was talking about a vertical entry, the point of the challenge is to get as much speed, not so much, lose the speed. But I'm thinking a conventional might be a better idea. At the very least a periapsis of 45 km.
  8. I'm actually attempting a Jool gravity slingshot I'm glad you participated! I be sad to see you go, I was hoping for some back and forth with you and ColdJ I've only used LFO so far, but I'm testing some craft with SRBs. I get back to you on this
  9. The title is a little confusing so here is some context. I have a ballistic craft that I'm using for the Quest for Hypersonic challenge (link in my sig!). I've just done a Jool gravity assist and am speeding toward Kerbin at 8000 m/s but before I hit the SRBs and boost up to 10000, I want to see if anyone knows what the max survivable reentry speed with a heat shield.
  10. Who dares threaten my title! @Philae_Rosetta2021 - Unfortunately I can't count your score. While testing the ballistic, I noticed that boosting up to really high altitudes results in ridiculous speeds over land. One of my results screen was 50000 m/s! What you have to do is either take a video, take lots of screenshots, or quicksave before hitting the atmosphere, because then it wipes your fastest speed, and it accurately reflects your score. I didn't say anything about this but now that you guys mention it, I've decided to add this as a rule. It makes the ballistics class fit the challenge much better. From now on Ballistics class has this restriction: You must be able to recover the probe core after the flight. I am discounting my first run, but because I managed to survive the second run, my record still stands. I'll count this, but from now on I need proof that the probe survived. Nice job @ColdJ, but you'll never reach my record with those rookie runups. I've actually been testing interplanetary run ups Did this happen on Laythe or Kerbin? Every record must be on Kerbin as Laythe and Eve have different atmospheres (they make it easier and harder, respectively) Be taking that design
  11. Sometimes I'll run out of likes and have to go around to all the posts I've liked going, whos post do I like the least?
  12. Congrats! Don't forget to grab your badge from the OP! If you're going for 5000 I would recommend a different class. Hermes tends to top out at 4000 - 4500.
  13. And I'm back. Turns out putting on a heat shield will allow you to get much faster. After lots of tries, I managed to get over 6000 m/s I also added a ton of fuel. Here is my new record, 6252 m/s I also managed to make this one survive! 23 hours later: Which was a good thing because now this run counts
  14. Dude, just relax. You don't need to fight us. You clearly don't care about the immersion. That's fine. I do care about the immersion. Other people care too. That's also fine. Its a single player sandbox game. There is no right way to play it. Although I would say the purpose of the game is more about helping the kerbals experience the wonder of space, and to find joy in exploration rather than "well how can I kill some kerbals today?"
  15. Yeah we are getting a little angry with each other. Sorry for derailing this thread @Dr. Kerbal
  16. Here I am, entering in my own challenge ATTENTION: The rules have changed since I did this run. This one does not count, see the Ballistics rules, and my next post. Anyway, Ballistic class, which turned out to be waaaaay harder than I thought. The parts disintegrate very quickly when they smack into the atmosphere at 4000 m/s I launched a Saturn V knock-off I launched this straight up, less dV required and its slightly better for this purpose Decoupling of the rocket and then much later the service stage (both out of atmo) And here is the best attempt with this type of vehicle quick pic of vehicle And the record. It exploded exactly at the same time as I was taking this screenshot. I've decided that because the later screenshots show the same altitude and the speed is unchanged, that an exploded craft still counts. Nice try you cheater.
  17. Tried out the Free IVA mod by @pizzaoverhead. Its still a WIP so there are a few bugs but the bits that work are super cool! If he can get this mod working this could be one of the best KSP mods ever! Here I am in the Science Lab (still normal IVA, looking up) Then in the spot I was looking at, looking at my seat! Don't mind me Val, just checking out my seat Jeb, checking out the inside of the MK-1 cockpit and inside the Mk1- Inline You can also open hatches and walk between modules. However you can also open outside hatches, to get some air I probably did I terrible job showcasing this mod, so just look at the thread. Its amazing!
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