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  1. Reporting one minor problem with this in career mode, it starts giving valentine contracts WAY to soon.. i got valentine contracts before i even did a minmus landing.
  2. Is there someway to turn off the "Co-ordinates pop up on the mouse pointer when pointing at the map overlay"? Last time i used Kethane was many moons ago before the fancy hex overlay, i find that the "pop-up co-ordinates at the pointer" get in the way of Maneuver nodes, selecting ships... etc. find myself always spinning around to look down on the orbit path.
  3. Yeah, had to use the media fire link.. Strangely though, ever since B9 was install KSP just randomly closes now.. no error message, nothing, just working on minute, off the next
  4. Something is going on with the space port, everytime i try to download it stops short of the full 95GB. Sometimes i get 70MB sometimes 85MB.. but never the full download. Granted i have crappy DSL, i live in the middle of nowhere, i download all the time from other sites with no issue.
  5. I think i should have read the manual a little better before launching.. Is there anyway to deal with Waste production?? I launched a mission to Dres. Plenty of food, but the accumulation of Waste is happening so fast, my containers are half full and my mission is not half over. I have Oxygen recylers and water recyclers on the ship, but i didn't see any waste recyclers, or waste containers. How do i manage waste? Is there a way to jettison it?