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  1. So I want to save all my particle path into an array so in the cfg file i put it like this expPath = {NKDR/effects/WaterShock,NKDR/effects/Plume} and in the code the variable is defined as public string[] expPath and then i loop through it and do stuff in foreach(string pathtonuke in expPath) { ExplosionFx.CreateExplosion(position, 0, pathtonuke, explSoundPath, Missile = true, bullets = 0, explosivePart = null, direction = default(Vector3)); } and It compile thou it does not work which i highly suspect to be the array in cfg file,Any fix?
  2. Mirv is removed due to a broken particle,Which i may add back when i have time,Stuff have range of 5000 m because if you launched it more than that,Floating Point Precision error occur which is a term for "Your missile turning into a flat cubed mesh" .While On your PC was fine,Some other people saw it don't work,Including me so i added it,But if it work you can use it,But It's not guarantee it'll work forever.
  3. Currently NKDR remove b-61,It'll be re added in the next update
  4. Well i've solve the invisible problem but I set the Emit property to 100 and it emit only a few particle ingame.Also can anyone told me what setting do what in the KSP particle emitter option As it's pretty confusing to me (especially energy,Grow,Shape and emission).
  5. Well here's current mirv that used megaton bomb explosion as the mirv explosion dont work also place this in the part folder in the NKDR folder https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1D_CKFyRfG-7vhxSF89RdLtk9O2yPRXH3?usp=sharing
  6. Can you give me the unity file?as my unity setup doesn't have the As the direction is universal in my setup
  7. Hey do you know what is the name of upper jaw bone,Instead of bn_upperJaw
  8. Hello so first watch this video to get NKDR working or this
  9. Well i will but it is a stub as i currently just dunno how to create particle effect for ksp,When i try.It never work.I'm searching for a solution for like 1 year now
  10. Well the minimum safe distance for at least,Not complete destruction for tsar bomba is 5 km and the distance that no part is destroyed is 27 km,But BDA may calculate Occlusion so if your back of VAB you may survive,As i test this out already
  11. Well it should work with original BDA but may not work with the runway version
  12. Well good he didn't experience my Anti-matter bomb that is in development
  13. Hmmm game data folder mod pls and Do you install BDA and module manager? PRE will corrupt the install i think? PRE had corrupt my install
  14. New update coming ,And it is the biggest one .Space explosion,Air explosion,Underwater explosion and more nuke coming.I just need sometime to create the space explosion and all the effect.This should come altogether in the twenty fifth of the december as i need to practice for the middle exam and other real life situation.
  15. You should thank harpwner for the mod,i just make it work for the latest version.
  16. is there a way to well multiply BD blast power with weapon velocity or mass with velocity
  17. @Next_Star_Industriesok jsut i want to use cc by 4.0 instead as it is the original license form harpwner
  18. @Next_Star_IndustriesThen you need to change the cfg file path
  19. hey do you know @Next_Star_Industriesso the code is going smooth but i want each power to be seperated because dedtonatorRadius = weapon.blastRadius; mean that it will use missile launcher power instead
  20. also i invited you on github because i publish a code (similar to your's)and you really need to be in the credit also how to make custom loading screen (great mod BTW by korean friend even use the little boy for https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Liberation_Day_of_Korea)
  21. @Next_Star_IndustriesI thought it not NSI code.Oh i forgot the in,stupid me.also i know some c# so i am going to create plugin that will check for nuclear core if the nuclear detonator are present there will be a button to detonate only the detonator,if the primary core are present there will be a button to detonate the nuclear fission and if the secondary core are present there will be a button to detonate the secondary core both will have different FX and you can determine the power.because when the detonator compress the uranium it explode then the uranium explosion force crush the heavy hydrogen and it fuse and explode once more so there will be 3 more button(the old detonate will be present).You will come in the credit
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