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  1. The thing is I can't understand why today it's not working, but yesterday it did.
  2. A while ago, I requested shuttle mod list. I have updated my ksp to 1.10 and re-installed the mods. First day, the Cormorant Aeronology mod Bugged and the laboratories and tunnels went all black on texture, Can anyone help?
  3. Where can I get the I 400 craft file? If you made it, can you give me a link or something? I was looking for this sub for a while!
  4. also does KSOS need any additional mods, like say module manager? if so, can you tell me which?
  5. Also Thanks for suggestions! I installed Cormorant Aeronology, (thanks RealKerbal!), and I am thinking of more!
  6. I managed to Install one of the suggested mods, but Only with ckan...
  7. Is there any shuttle mod for 1.9 that doesn't require CKAN? Please reply! Also I hope the one who reads this has a good day. I'd resign with anything from KSO to STS mod or even to the aeronautics ones. Thanks!
  8. I can' seem to get it to work in anyway, shape or form
  9. I have the very same problem restarted over and over again. But now working. ANy help?
  10. Thanks dude, I've been looking for a way to activate them. Looked it up. Pressing R didn't work, and no I know why. Thanks!
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