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  1. Very nice, gives lots of new opportunities in the game! Probably one of the greatest additions to the game since the introduction of stock robotics in Breaking Ground! And that was a paid DLC, while this is a free update. Thanks a lot!
  2. +1, would really like to have a Linux version!
  3. Ah, ok, that makes sense. Thanks for the explanation. I'm still not sure whether I can construct something like that without adding to much weight and/or drag during launch, but I may try...
  4. Thanks for helping me to optimize my craft @sevenperforce! KSP is great for learning about physics. So, do you think this craft is already worth being added to the leaderboard? I may try to optimize it further, but I can't promise anything... Sorry, but I don't understand this one. Do you really mean as much dry mass or as few dry mass as possible? If three of those SRBs die out sooner, then most of the mass (the fuel) is gone earlier, but I cannot actually reduce dry weight for the final burn because I can't think of any way to separate the empty SRBs without staging (or addin
  5. Do you mean symmetrically (to get a different thrust curve) or asymmetrically (to make the craft pitch down earlier)? The reason for the low thrust in the upper stage is that I may not use up all the fuel to early. I need to have some fuel left at apoapsis so that I actually reach orbit and don't just do a suborbital hop with a way too high apoapsis but a periapsis somewhere below the ground. About asymmetric thrust on the upper stage, I tried that, but the problem is that you can only set thrust limiters in steps of 0.5, which is way too much. I also tried leaving the thrust limiter
  6. Thanks for mentioning me here! It took a long time (wow, almost 3 months...) because I had basically no time for KSP, but today I finally finished my entry for this challenge: The craft is fully stock and doesn't have any timers or other controllers. Thanks to @Starman4308 for the idea how to create multiple stages without using any modded parts. I simplified the construction a lot since I went for the lowest possible launchpad mass (probably at the cost of reduced reliability, though I have no idea how reliable the original construction is...). Craft file: https://drive.google.
  7. Thanks a lot! Sorry, somehow forgot this rule when writing the mission report... Not trying to be nitpicking here, but I think that it earns the Meteorologist Ribbon as well, doesn't it?
  8. Wow, thanks a lot to you all for so much overwhelmingly positive feedback! Really didn't expect that... I don't know exactly what kOS can or cannot do but if it can somehow read the current coordinates of the craft then you could actually guide it towards its target instead of simply using a timed sequence of control inputs, which should make it much more reliable. Also, you could probably get even better times because you can increase TWR even further without running into stability problems. Might give it a try next weekend, but no promises .
  9. Is this challenge still open for submissions @vyznev? Since I am a programmer but a terrible pilot, I decided to try a different approach for this challenge: I automated the whole flight using robotic parts and a KAL controller. This allowed much more aggressive optimizations because you can precisely control the whole flight and do not have to account for pilot errors. By doing that, I got around the VAB in 16 seconds! The whole thing works by setting the probe SAS to Radial out and rotating the horizontal engine with a servo. You can see the KAL controller tracks at the b
  10. This one seemed like a good candidate for my very first challenge submission, so I decided to take part and submit an entry: Craft Stats: - Name: OrbitBootCamper - Parts: 10 - Crew seats: 2 - Launch cost: 9,942 No mods were used, but several parts from the Making History DLC. Parts with a total value of 8,498 were recovered, leading to a total mission cost of 1,444. If I understood the rules correctly, this should earn the following additional adornments: Silver Claw: Perform a science experiment (with Meteorologist Ribbon, Kelvin Ribbon and Observational Ribbon)
  11. Wow, great cinematic! Really enjoyed watching it! Thanks a lot and congratulations for becoming TOTM!
  12. jshu


    Hello, I have just registered here and simply want to say hello to you all. I have been reading this forum frequently for more than a year by now, and now I have finally decided to register here to become part of this community and maybe participate in some challenges. So, hello KSP forums!
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