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  1. I am working through my process of producing a development environment robust enough to produce mods. and highly robust reproducible bug reports. Currently my setup does not pass my own quality control requirements for producing release level production code. And the failure for the things I have reported so far to be reproducible means I don't yet meet the external requirements either. =============== So while I have ships that produce the bugs, and ways that I fly them (travelling sideways >autoCut speed when hitting the water means chutes dont cut and thermal event fail (yell
  2. oops (too late) If I wanted to understand what can happen, id check, "provides" and "any_of" in the relationships section of the ckan spec to see which of various approaches would work. https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/blob/master/Spec.md
  3. [.. elided confused post where I misundesrtood what i was looking at ..] and for a moment I got very confusalled. ================= Ok so now I understand what Im looking at. This repository is a fork https://github.com/prestja/Kopernicus of this https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus and the sln in file in both refers to "Kopernicus.Parser", "src\external\config-parser\src\Kopernicus.Parser.csproj", which is in this repsitory https://github.com/Kopernicus/config-parser and if I knew about git modules it would probably all have made sense
  4. Edit: ok. So I am an idiot who still didn't RTFM. Now I've got past wanting to write code and wanting build instead. I have found the build.ps1 script and hey... (<puffs out chest>, the changes that I made compiled first time. I wonder what will happen when i run them first time.) ========== So Ive been looking at forking the CKan repository to flesh out some CLI tweaks. (becoming more minimalist all the time) I ran into this. If I checkout the CKAN repository change nothing and simply click on the solution file and let >>>Vis Studio 16<<< o
  5. ta. I'm good to go now. (be back if i do something that seems useful) Well i was being wrong headed somewhere. I'm not sure how but I had overlooked the idea that CKan would have a CLI. (that is what i get for not RTFMing) And yes my post build stuff will be interacting with a CLI Ckan.... in some way Question: Can the CLI specify which install path it should operate or do the commands only work on the default one? (This appears to be the case ) dont worry answering, I'm getting the source it will tell me, but if thats what it does adding that capabili
  6. As is usual for me I seem to be doing something weird and hence, Im on my own not seemingly walking a well trod path. (perhaps im just being wrong headed, in what i think my goals are) I am trying to use Ckan to manage not only all the mods I install from the net, but also any I compile and build locally. I have seen how Mechjeb2 has a repository dev versions of the code. I have taken that as my template and made my own local equivalent for any mod/fork I build locally. used handy hints from that like making sure it tells my lcoal Ckan install, that my local mod is i
  7. Well in that case i wont get back to you with patch to fix the observed behavior issue. Well no that not the case, That is only a potential issue in my actual campaign game (this patch work has been done on brand new install) for just that kind of reason. the comments above are from observations of code executing in a clean install with no to zero other mods running, in sand box game, with the behavior being observed being the first flight on any ship in the game. And the observation that this.Vessel.convectiveCoefficient changes drastically on splash down is trivia
  8. yeah sorry, the code does indeed refer to it as convective (this.Vessel.convectiveCoefficient) flux of the water on the first update after splash down that value is hundreds of times higher than the air was that in turn drive the temp quite physically unrealistically through the roof, in that one update it raises the temp of the chute by 300c due to the 10C or so diff in temp. So to be clear... contact of a chute (at=303C) with water(at 314C) causes, ... according to the code, the cute to heat up to > 600C and then the chute fails earlier than similar chutes in stock do. T
  9. FYI: I looked through the revision history and didn't find what it used to do that used vertical velocity instead of only horizontal. I have implemented some (2) patches in my local version. 1 The vertical velocity described recently change does do what it looks like it might but it is not enough to make real chute behave more like stock on splash down. (and hence break large ships less.) once I started paying close attention the chutes are not actually cut but are (briefly) reported to have "parachute has been destroyed due to aero forces and heat" judicious Deb
  10. Ta I now have slightly different problem then. How and when do outputlog.txt get created. I went back to checked i hadn't typoed || fat fingered or something and my outputlog.txt was different. :\ It now reflects the no worky state I got into after this step Launch KSP with the KSP_x64_Dbg.exe and check that you have "Development Build" in your lower right corner when Id did that it said dialogBox["Failed to load Mono"] Now the outputlog.txt file says that too and nothing about unity. Given my instructions hadn't mentioned installing mono yet, I decided i was a long w
  11. Im trying for a 1.9.1 install and following the instructions... My unity engine is reported to be In output_log.txt .... (and its on line one...) Initialize engine version: 2017.1.3p1 (02d73f71d3bd) But engine 2017.1.3p1 doesnt seem to exist anywhere is eitehr location linked in OP Unity installation (or here There is a P4 ( Patch 2017.1.3p4 ) Sooooo... as p1 is not there.... I am going to hope P4 is just better but equiv version if the P1 that i have? help? maybe. (For future reference (other posters) if i dont come back that worked) ==========
  12. Hi I thought i should provide some feel good feedback. For some reason (probably mental illness, or some other mental blindspot) I had not used Ckan until recently (blush) and managed everything by hand.... (puffs out chest) hence I did it all really badly (was often way out of date). Rather obviously now that i use Ckan, My local KSP is all sweet shiny new and as up to date as i choose to be. (at minimal effort) but I am moving onto the next level, (developer 101, where I fork some mods and use/test those instead. Then develop a mod I have feature specced out (on the downlow/QT
  13. Edit :AND Note the baviours described happen with Stock Radial chutes when copying to symmetry counter parts BUT not with the equivalent real chute chutes. I have new weirdnesses. I have my manual preset with a 70m chute, with 3.5 m prechute, material kevlar with an autocutout of 0.01m/s. I place one brand new out of the list copy of a stock radial chute. (with 3 fold symmetry) I select my preset above copy it to others. The application of parameters success! dialogs both appear, one when i choose the preset one when I do the copy. I choose toggle info on one of the copies
  14. Edit :AND Note the baviours described happen with Stock Radial chutes when copying to symmetry counter parts BUT not with the equivalent real chute chutes. Hence my obv solution is to use real chutes. Again you are correct the code does what it says it does. Does it also recompute the mass of the counter parts? After it copies the size? I have chute on rocket right now which claims it is a 70m chute but claims its weight is still only 0.093t in the toggle info panel while the one I manually edited changed to 0.357 tonne. because I am remembering how to stop as
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