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  1. So, when entering hangar, parts detach (pic will be down below in link). What can I do so they do not go crazy like this? had same issue when making replica of Mi-24 mounting antenna on bottom part of cockpit. After test flight I need to attach them back by hand. https://imgur.com/a/uTTmBBu
  2. Just found out what was the mod that did conflict. It was EVA manager... So strange.. It is such a simple and good mod, but just doesnt work..
  3. The main menu. I will try to delete some mods, but I haven't installed new ones... Last time they worked perfectly.
  4. Hello everyone! Could someone help me with problem I am experiencing now? Never had problem like this, and nothing was written in log what would get my attention. I've installed more than 150 mods and everything was OK, but now with 60 mods I am having this problem for the first time. re-installed game and everything, but nothing really helped. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9iiho8qzanmnteh/KSP.log?dl=1
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