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  1. Faraon's Planet Pack (FPP) will make KSP experience more interesting! Contains 100+ solar systems, some with planets in it, creating huge, exciting galaxy - Kirbel. Mod is hand-crafted by single people, who is mega noob in planet modding, BUT know how to do it Idea contain huge galaxy, with 96 stars, 3 neutron stars and 2 black holes. Planet pack add one additional, small nebula with 9 systems In development for now. Galaxy map under spoiler. PS: If you think you could give me nice positions of stars write to me on Discord: Faraonxd#2946 and probably you will be part of this huge project
  2. Once upon a time the mod was Nova Kirbani itself, I LOVED IT. Now I am back at KSP and I have a big problem. I wanted to download this mod, I did everything in the download instructions and ... The game stops at "Expansion Loading Completed" and then no matter that the hour is standing still, it is displayed and nothing ... Can someone help? EDIT: I think i find issue
  3. Thanks! But can you also give a tutorial for creating your own planets and stars (I've already watched all the guides on YouTube and looked at Kopernicus Examples but it still doesn't work)? Please.
  4. I have a problem (as always) because I wanted to create my own planet in kopernicus with clouds and I have problems like this: - I don't know how to add clouds from EVE and Scatterer -Sometimes it says that Kopernicus doesn't support custom planetary. Please help!
  5. I am most interested in the Real Solar System mod and Real Exoplanets but I don't know why they don't work for me ... what version should I use them in?
  6. Its VERY Good Mod. I can't live without this mod
  7. I have a question how to install version 1.8.1? And is it free if I already have steam? And back to your question ... I created a survey of planets for installation and I can't choose. This in my profil
  8. I had the KSP version 1.7.1, and the kopernicus packages did not work for me. I have updated to 1.9.1 and kopernicus has not been yet. Maybe somebody knows when this mod update could come out? Please answer because I enter "Kopernicus 1.9.1 download" into the search engine every day. I really can't wait.
  9. I have something wrong with kerbal space program because it doesn't work for me!
  10. I tried as you wrote and there are no planets, but there are entries in KSPedia and the larger boundaries of the Kerbol system (Sun)
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