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  1. Plant a soup plant, and have a big tin can, simple! Also 10/10, you always alert us when we definitely shouldn't click a certain post
  2. very easy to click for me
  3. I chose direct download when I purchased it, and my private division account was made when kerbalspaceprogram.com merged with the private division store. And the only two options I get when I click my profile are "My Account" and "Sign Out", no settings or purchases tabs anywhere within that or My Account. Could you provide a link to the purchases section if possible? I've gotten to that section before when I needed to update KSP, but I guess I can't access it anymore? Ah, I found it in my history! here's the link if anyone needs it: https://account.privatedivision.com/profile?page=game-downloads That doesn't display anywhere in the account page for some reason. Can provide screenshot if needed
  4. There's no section to download it, and when i go to my account its just my email, and my account information, no downloads section. Everything I've looked at isn't helping either since it just doesn't exist. I've already paid for the game, too
  5. I cannot wait for interstellar, colonies, and just all the new features that'll run at 0.001 FPS on my 11 year old laptop!
  6. Looks kinda like the lines trajectories makes, do you have that mod installed?
  7. Right here! Granted, but it's version 0.7.3 and runs at 1 frame per minute I wish for a delicous meal
  8. KSP 1 is free on epic games store until january 12th right now, just letting yall know!
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