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  1. would it be possible that the micrometeorite shield on the skylab wetlab OWS could act as an insulation, like on centaur-D? I'm currently building a lunar wetlab skylab and I'm worried about the boiloff (I don't wan't to deactivate it, I want to find an in-universe-solution for it)
  2. *puts on glasses* you see, this isn't actually based on TKS but on *forgets what it was based on* *removes glasses*
  3. totalitarian heditary dictatorship depends on how fast BDA and/or similar mods get moved over/created
  4. this thing is so cursed that It literally broke ksp I was about to launch it but instead of the launchpad appearing, it redirected me to the space center screen when I got back into the VAB, I couldn't click anything, this is where I took the picture, pictured above I have no idea why this happened, with this save (JNSQ + BDB + basically all other BDB-like mods + extra stuff) it never happened before, if I had to guess it could be the new cool saturn heavy seperation motors, because this was the first craft where I used them, but that's only an assumption and not a fact I'm going to test if the sep. motor is the issue or not
  5. Labaik (arabic for ''here I am!'' or ''I'm here to help!'')
  6. IIRC there is a node inside the DM that you attach on the petal adapter node, the outer things of the landing legs should log into the petal adapter
  7. are there some IRL concepts that use some of the more obscure amazing SSME variants that Estreet provides with his mod? like with the LRBE and SSME-35/150?
  8. ADL-1 (Advanced Dedicated Launcher), using the SSME-35
  9. POV: You are about to accidentally destroy some of your own sattelites because a soviet sattelite laughed at you.
  10. Launchpad/stand for Athena 1/2 (inspired by the real one) Launchpad for Athena 1C/2C/2CS2/4/6 (fictional) Launchpad for Athena 3 (fictional)
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