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  1. I'm not random, I'm Brandon @AdolfGatonegro
  2. I don't like the context of this (propaganda) but the melody is stuck in my head also:
  3. I sadly don't have time to make a story for this one but here, have the mercury explorer (a mercury lander)
  4. Mariner 12 (not to be confused with voyager 2) After evaluating the possible rewards of having a continuous sattelite present around mercury (moho), it was decided to the design the afromentioned Orbiter. It's main mission would be to orbit mercury for a reasonable amount of time, 1+ year, and make sientific measurements of mercury's surface and also topograph it's surface aswell. It looks very similar to Mariner 10 and 11, though a number of avionics upgrades have been made. It's differences include the presence of a large solid rocket motor which is in place of the top-mounted camera system which is used to capture into a mercury orbit, and also multiple scientific experiments, mainly centered about UV spectrometry but it also features the afromentioned mariner 10 camera system, though it's placed on the side of the rocket motor rather than directly ontop of the spacecraft bus. It's flight profile would be similar to Mariner 10 and 11, with the only difference beeing that Mariner 12 would capture into an very excentric mercury orbit at it's 2nd flyby. Mariner 12 would theoretically allow for nearly continoous TV coverage of mercury which might lead to increased puplic engagement in our industry through increased interest in the field.
  5. Mariner 11 (not to be confused with Voyager 1) After the sucesses of Pioneer 12 and 13 it was decided to modify a spare Mariner 10 flight backup, removing the topmount camera system and most of it's scientific equipment to install both an UV spectrometer and a Reentry probe similar to the one found on Pioneer 12 and 13. Parts like the antenna and star tracker still stayed on the new design (as without them it would make no sense lol). The flight profile would be similar to the normal Mariner 10 one except the atmospheric probe would be released prior to flying by venus, and it would then reenter into the venusian atmosphere. After that it would use it's UV spectrometer to do UV spectrometry on mercury (idk what exactly but there is prob. stuff to do so...). Consideration has also been taken to develop a mercury orbiter similar to Pioneer 14 and 15, though it's unclear if there is enough interest in souch a project.
  6. go to the github page of BDB and use the ''Apollo revamp'' branch under branches then click on the green Code button and choose ''Download Zip'' yay, Kepler! I always enjoy it when we get more access to space telescopes, especially famous ones like kepler for example!
  7. sadly can't really answer your question since my cat is both indoors and outdoors (she often wants to go out and hunt and defend her territory against the neighbouhr's cat's but she is mostly inside and feeds and sleeps inside and stuff)
  8. E Î must thank you for reminding us all
  9. I need to brag about playing a space game with frogs more than 2000 hours
  10. I do that with the steam-version of ksp, though a downside with that is that if you launch it from the EXE directly then steam doesn't count hours played
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