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  1. there must be massive dry mass issues with your rocket, while I have experienced TWR issues with Saturn 1B launching historical payloads myself, never did it go below like 1.05 TWR
  2. that's the point, there is no reason to have ''C-8 not-NOVA'' it's just, some people ask for it, just because they like this conceptual abomination of a rocket
  3. tbh, what I would really like would be a sort of S-IC drylab where the crewed section is in the intertank section, this, coupled with Saturn 5-B (1.5 stage S-1C), leads to a pretty cool station
  4. would it be possible that the new RD-180 could be based on Estreet's RD-190 model? for contiunity?
  5. will we get the cubesat deployer aswell? maybe as a seperate part? EDIT: sorry, I'm stupid so I didn't look what was on the next page
  6. major difference lies in the fact that the vega engine is a vacuum kerolox engine, RL10 though is a vacuum hydrolox engine. btw, @Invaderchaos, could we get some type of jettisonable (or unjettisonable) insulation on the gamma stage tank? I've read that it would have had it, and I'm really having boiloff problems with it.
  7. nice! for one of the other baby centaurs, for atlas-F (the one with H-2s), I like to basically use HOSS but with the standart RL10 and a thor extension tank instead of the HOSS tank I just explain it to myself that this baby centaur variation has the insulation in-buildt
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