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  1. do you have plans in the future to add the sputnik sattelites? and if not, is there an stockalike mod adding them?
  2. I don't know/No, because It could mean that, but then the whole side facing to the star whould be melted and secondly there should be Ice. Probably just a big crater
  3. Lark sound legit for a planet name
  4. I would like an realllllly thin atmosphere like mercury
  5. are the engines of example ww2 piston planes and ac-130's expected to have very low thrust so that the planes have a TWR of always 0.10-0.14? the jet engines work, and strangely the 0.625m prop with 5 blades works as well
  6. Does this crater reach it's parents core? if yes, we could make accurate mesaurments of the core and take surface samples from it, which whould be cool/would bring many sience points also death star/mimas?!
  7. FRIIIDAYYY! at 1:07 in the video you can see the sea ground of the impact crater, it must be very deep I also like the lapetus analouge in 1:35
  8. I loved the old music at the start of a video from him, It gave me souch a cool feeling hearing it and seeing him build an SSTO but sadly he removed it from most videos (it's still in the Saturn C-8 Nova one) because of a copyright claim I think
  9. I't doesn't goes into a shroud, but if it's not moving at all, that would be a ''problem''
  10. I just replaced the .dll with the .dll from the old version, seems to work for me/ there are the engines and stuff
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