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  1. You get your juice but you don't know it was made of 5 apples all with worms inside. I wish I can go on a 1-minute round trip to Proxima b.
  2. No. They get specific answers. What is the temperature of your oven when you make grilled chicken?
  3. All hills are mine as long as they are still on the Earth, and therefore my profile picture. My mighty hill. (OK, take it)
  4. Flag gets burned in the Earth's forest fires. How can you beat the Earth? I am expecting a star or black hole now.
  5. One of China's major aerospace institutes (CAST, others include CASC, CNSA, etc.) released a feature video ~3 days ago. I've got some interesting pictures about potential future missions from the video. (most of it is about what it has done) All these are just from the video itself and may or may not be carried out in recent years due to reasons discussed above. This one is the CSS. (OK old thing, but its construction will certainly be finished in a few years using LM-5.) This is China's next-gen lunar exploration vehicle? (said to be 4th gen in the vid. It seems to contain a lander and a permanent orbiter, but it is unknown where the (promised) sample returen module is. In the video the smallest cubesat in prograde direction of the ship is decoupled in moon orbit and extends its solar panel after separation, so it can't be sample return.) This may be the future moon base at the south pole that China plans to build with Russia. Although this is an official video, it may have been made by people who are better at graphics than aerospace so a rocket with spaceplane&fairing&SRBs appeared in the back of the scene. (It looks exactly like the Americal space shuttle lol.) The buildings exposed to space and therefore potential micro-meteorolites are probably not part of the actual plan. The glass cage shown is presumably China's second moon rover Yutu-2, which currently operates in South Pole-Aitken basin. In the video it is "caught" back as an artifact in a micro-museum. The facilities between the rover and the lauchpad are possibly related to fuel or energy production. I see no solar panels so it may be a mining scene extracting water or Helium3? (This part is only video with no information-rich audio or even a subtitle.) This part also has no subtitle. It is evident that the vehicle contains a nuclear reactor and (high-power?) hall thrusters, so it may be used in manned deep-space missions since there appears to be windows on the last 2 modules. Planet Saturn. Mars (and Jupiter, not included in this picture) are shown in the background. This is the vid link if you would like to see it https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1pq4y1M7N1
  6. Just had a meal. Maybe @Souptime now?
  7. news link text in Chinese (from a somehow official platform) news link text in English (from a slightly less official platform) After 92 Earth days the rover has moved 889m and transmitted 10GB of data back to ground stations. This is said to be the end of planned mission and the rover will still carry out other scientific tasks as everything on it still works fine.
  8. I just pop in randomly. @Stormpilot
  9. I believe this scoring rule is useful but has a loophole. If I somehow use an ion engine (i.e. RTG-powered low TWR ion thruster(s)) to slow down from an absurdly high orbit to low Tylo orbit, and then do a landing with a few stages all with appropriate TWR, this will get a heck lot of points out of the scoring rule, but will also spoil the fun. The solution may be "Everyone just do the challenge as what it was supposed to be and do not exploit anything."
  10. Oh yeah KSP2 has antimatter.Almost forgot that. I may include this in my mod. Mankind(not Kerbalkind) now HAS sent probes(JAXA?ESA?) using solar sail, but to inner solar system (Mercury) where high DV is required and an abundance of solar power is present. And I remember watching a Scott Manley video about reaction wheels. He mentioned that a probe sent to deep space mission by NASA (voyager?) uses small panels that reflect solar light to hold altitude. Those engineers were, just too smart. I believe this is agreed with by Stephen Hawking? The exact problem I found out when writing configs. I actually mean the ship can somehow generate low-frequency photons on the way, which poses no threat the ship or whatever is in its trail.
  11. @HyperDraco My second post in this thread! Will there be a third? Who knows?
  12. Actually if you looked at the configs of the converter, you will find out that there is no "fauxmass"--in Newtonian point of view. But I will accept this as the official name of the fuel. Much better than Fotons. All right. I admit it.
  13. Photon Propulsion is a mod that adds a series of engines that shoot photons to the back of the ship to propell the ship forward. To avoid involving the theory of relativity, this mod adds a new resource called "Foton", which stands for "Fake Photon". You can believe me that everything in this mod is theoretically correct but not possible in the very near future. Our current technologies has not caught up with our frontiers in Physics and Chemistry. I had the idea in this thread as a KSP2 idea. But I have decided to put it in KSP1 as a mod to better fulfill my crazy thoughts. ---Dev info---(updated 8/17) Completed a model. Decided to rewrite some cfgs. Community Resource Pack will be a hard dependency. Source at github Umm, sorry but I have to abandon this mod due to the "personal reasons". If anyone would like to continue, they can do this without any permission from me and may use any files given in the github link. They may re-open any respositories or somehow use the existing one. (I suggest that you had better not do so because I now don't think this is quite a good idea and would probably be a chore for you.)
  14. @Ben J. Kerman sorry for interrupting.
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