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  1. I can't find a suitable subforum for this question so I posted here. As described by the topic, I intend to record my screen while playing KSP and use them in my own video, which is not exactly about KSP. Is it allowed to just use the videos and not address their sources, or do I have to say somewhere that "this video uses KSP for blah blah"?
  2. Open a career game, save it, quit KSP. Find the persistent.sfs and you can probably find some config nodes representing building levels... And change everything to level 3. But this is a workaround: Since in science mode you can't acess mission control, you can't get contracts, I think.
  3. I confirm that, my RSS works fine* on KSP v1.11.1, Windows 10, with Kopernicus from this thread and all RSS downloads from this [1.7.3] thread. I believe Kopernicus is stable enough on 1.11.1 as of now. *Some old issues persist--I remember experiencing those problemss even back in 1.8.1.
  4. Fuel crossfeed is kinda "basic" for me.There certainly are simple workarounds. I remember back in 1.10.0 the bay doors of lander can Mk2 were broken... And someone posted a patch in the forums right after the release, IIRC. Yes KSP is going better, and I accept that any software ever made can't run without bugs. I now realized that the bugs are so widespread (those VAB bugs, sometimes freezing, EVA orbital drifting, so on) that it felt like severe
  5. The bug trailer list is still growing, I think. For me personally, I've seen the struct connecter and the fuel line not working normally, when building a craft in Mirror symmetry. The second line, created by symmetry, extends to the same direction as the one I'm dragging by hand, instead of "mirroring" to the other side.
  6. In a 1.11.1 we saw some really severe bugs affecting even the most basic gameplay. So I would hope that a 1.11.2 can be brought out mainly for bug fixes. (I don’t mean to poke the bears tho)
  7. 找到一首非常配的歌,感觉可以做成微电影了(我不我不我不) 既然是中文区就QQ音乐了吧(我只是碰到这首歌突然想到了KSP,所以。。。) https://y.qq.com/n/yqq/song/003rFTFb0vog3P.html 站在人生泥泞的赛道 心中的梦比天还要高 用汗水浇灌孤单的煎熬 让执着擦亮飞翔的羽毛 所有坎坷痛苦和烦恼 熬成勇往直前的弹药 和风雨同行与岁月狂飙 让勇气触摸那星光闪耀 为了梦想逆风也要奔跑 勇敢冲破世俗的囚牢 脸上带着倔强的微笑(Jeb专属) 在狂风暴雨中尽情舞蹈 为了梦想逆风也要奔跑 努力挣脱命运的圈套 哪怕一次又一次跌倒 炙热的心依然熊熊燃烧(虽然在发射台上炸了但是Engine还在烧)(doge 熊熊燃烧 所有坎坷痛苦和烦恼 熬成勇往直前的弹药 和风雨同行与岁月狂飙 让勇气触摸那星光闪耀 ……………………
  8. All right, besides setting Isp to values like 400~, I also set heat production to 1000~. As for the larger one, heat production is 6000. (Although I have no idea what this does, I assume it results in a higher temp)
  9. Hi again! finished another mod. Please help move the thread to the releases page. Thanks in advance! (No, I won't do a third one at this stage. 2 is enough for me.)
  10. As a matter of fact, I got the idea from a film that I saw some time ago: The wandering earth. Those in-film engiens were, say, a bit too overpowered to imagine... pretty Kerbal though.
  11. The "Ore Engines" Mod is mainly a parts mod that adds ore engines to the game. Aside from full compilation into the stock tech tree, it is also compatible with CTT. Partlist LV-Q75 "Squid" Ore Engine. LV-Q150 "Octopus" Ore Engine. FL-Q series ore tanks. (5 in total) Bonus features CTT support! Dependency Module manager is required for Ore Engines to work, which is not included in the download. Community Tech Tree is supported. Download from SpaceDock Download from github: link. Source at github: link. This work is licensed under
  12. V1.0 released! changelog: V1.0 Remodeled YF-3. Added autoshroud to YF-3. Added gimbal to YF-2 and YF-3. Added Chinese localization. Removed CASC Flag from sample ship. Reduced solid fuel in PG-02 for stock balancing.
  13. Hi there! Please move this thread to Add-on Releases, thanks! (I've finished the development and feel like it's ready. Really a small mod by a newbie.)
  14. Thanks for suggestions! I was a bit sleepy when messing about those cfgs, so problems occurred. -123 should be solved ASAP, just some configuration. But I won't release an update until I -make sure all parts are balanced enough -add gimbal to liquid fuel engines (which, I think, probably needs remodeling) -finish Chinese translation (Err, I don't know why I only wrote the English version...) Yes, I mean the update should be a v1.0-alpha if no other problems occurred.
  15. OK, So it's another update out at this moment. All parts done! Bur as you may see, the engines have no gimbal. v0.3 download: link v0.3 change log: Added Truss Stack Decoupler. Added YF-3 Liquid fuel engine. Added YF-2 Liquid fuel enigne. Added CASC Flag. Added Sample Ship. Decreased Isp value for PG-02 for stock balancing. Some other minor config changes in Tank1, Tank2, and PG-02. Thanks!
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