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  1. No offense, but personally speaking, being a real rocket engineer beats being a KSP2 dev.
  2. Banned for not having date pipes / seesaws.
  3. But... You can't get insurance for nothing? Well you've just annoyed my, causing me to feel bad. GIVE ME INSURANCE! I crashed my SSTO into a mountain because I launched westwards from KSC.
  4. Playing KSP2 beats Playing KSP
  5. Gene therapy designed a vinegar-and-bicarbonate boom rather than wear a dress into a dres shop. Nobody expects the kraken to appear before dark. The doctors thought of massive booster shots to counter the massive lack of superior thrusters
  6. Can Toad cassette be the floaty us tag stimulator of all primes
  7. I missed your previous call and I'm messing up your current call. Sorry for that. @AlamoVampire?
  8. Z 20 thisIsAnInterestingThingToDo = true thisIsAHardThingToDo = true significance = 4 // integer 0~4
  9. I would say yes. I'm not good at making myself understood in a few sentences... So my post is often a thick pile of sentences with poor logic
  10. I‘ll try to follow this chart for future updates (planned for 2023) regarding engines. YF-20 will loosely follow this thread and (let's hope) more variants will be added to fuel tanks.
  11. The Python foot suffers a tiny vinegar-and baking soda powdered boom rather than wear a Comet into a dres asteroid. He expects a kraken to appear before dark. Writers thought of massive booster.
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