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  1. Ben J. Kerman is possibly busy heating ColdJ. Maybe @Hyperspace Industries can help with the heating with your SaturnV. Your power is way higher than Ben J. Kerman's crane motor.
  2. SO SCRAP latch Scarlette is the float bus kit simulator of Vall time (in my mind)
  3. 1*2^100, I get 1.267650600e+30. 2^75 and I get 3.777893186e+22. So I'll take 2^100 - 2^99, which is A = 6.338253001e+29. ln[ln(A)]
  4. A positive victory. and resetting from minus values to 0. Z 0 EDIT: This is the second zero so far. One by Ben J. Kerman and one by me. I did not include the original 0 by ColdJ. @ColdJ sorry to have ninja'd you. So now which post counts
  5. Update: I have updated the "changes" in the part wiki as well as the cfg file for Mk1 Crew Cabin No other habitation modules have internal antennas according to my Squad/Parts/.../StockPartName.cfg
  6. I was editing the Chinese translation of part Mk1 Crew Cabin when I found this. with the "usage" stating "It cannot transmit science" and the "changes" stating "added ability to transmit science". I was confused and tried it with a 3-part ship in KSP. Without control, the habitation module cannot perform crew report even with a Kerbal in it. That's why I added a cockpit. Then I performed crew report with the cockpit still glued to the cabin. It cannot be transmitted because there is no antenna capable of "transmitting science" on the ship. After that, I released the cockpit. With no control, we cannot transmit science although it has an antenna. I personally think that, this is not a problem with electric charge. You can't do anything useful on a ship without control, even with a Kerbal on board. Below is from Squad/Parts/Command/mk1Cockpits/mk1CrewCabin.cfg MODULE { name = ModuleDataTransmitter antennaType = INTERNAL packetInterval = 1.0 packetSize = 2 packetResourceCost = 12.0 requiredResource = ElectricCharge antennaPower = 5000 optimumRange = 2500 packetFloor = .1 packetCeiling = 5 } Now looking back at the wiki page, We can be sure that: Part The Mk1 Crew Cabin has an internal antenna The internal antenna cannot transmit science The way Squad manages part files is less neat than in-game categories. Well actually this is fine; and it's just tedious to re-organize the files and change MODEL{ model = Squad/Parts/... } one by one. I'm OK with the current part file layout. Wiki The wiki "changes" is incorrect or inaccurate The wiki "usage" is correct We aren't sure of: Part I don't see the point of this internal antenna. In stock you can't use it without a command module. And all command modules have their own internal antennas. But again, this is fine; and it's just tedious to remove these internal antennas. Wiki Does the error of "added ability to transmit science" in "changes" exist in other parts? I'm going to Update the wiki description in "changes" to "added internal antenna". I'm not sure if this is correct, because I joined in 1.8.1, and this change dates back to 1.2 as described in the wiki. I'm gonna to do this for English and Chinese pages. Check the same description in other wiki pages regarding habitation modules and update if necessary. Update in this thread when finished.
  7. Banned for using some awesome theory to create Kerbal tanks which hold 0.5t fuel with 0.06t dry mass.
  8. Banned for not knowing @CFYL is from UTC+8. Banned for multithreading.
  9. Z -4 Q: What happens when a zeroist wanna post when CN is zero? A: change thst Z to C.
  10. Oh. Hi Luke Skywalker. Excuse me but I have found you in the moust unfindable place in the galaxy. Oh, what's that tree? They managed to burn something in Mars's atmosphere? Sacred Jedi texts? Have you read them? All right. Stop kidding me. I know you are just a copy of the true Luke some million lightyears away.
  11. Every single word in KSP includes the one we feel frightened by.
  12. Click click click this was locked when I checked a few hours earlier. And clearly I missed the May 19 click. And finally quote this post! Cuz there's a thread thread called don't... Hey I didn't tell a thing to them! Why did you take me away? What? They won't lock that thread if they can't find it...
  13. Banned for adding a time tag to your post. 161405292022
  14. Today, CZ-2F Y14, carrying Shenzhou-14, has arrived at the laucnch tower. It's scheduled for launch at 10:44 on June 5, according to the current CSS orbit. Officials haven't announced the exact time, but the June 5 window would allow for a quick docking to CSS within 6 hours.
  15. The comet was hit by NASA's DART before you could approach it. Now dust and ice is everywhere. If you ride on it, your ship will be shattered to pieces. Trying to find coordinates of all hidden lauchsites in 1.12.3 by asking the community with a spy satellite on polar orbit.
  16. Red Kerman is the ruler of the Kerbal Empire, which was in a long-lasting war against the Kerbol Empire. Red Kerman's father managed to wipe out hostile forces across the outer system by driving them away with force, and the final fortress of the Kerbol Empire is Moho. Red Kerman decided to stop wars. Red Kerman boarded an SSTO built using a DIY kit sold by Yippee Kerman and headed for Moho. To show his love for peace instead of war, he brought no soldiers -- only himself. The emperor of Kerbol Empire though that this was a good chance to revive his power. When Red Kerman arrived, he imprisoned Red Kerman while also treating him as an emperor. Red Kerman was given first-class servants and maids, as well as delicacies that were baked by Kerbol's glows on Moho. Red Kerman's sister, Reddish Kerman, was informed of her brother's being in prison and issued an ultimatum to the Kerbol Empire. "Release Red Kerman, or Moho, as well as your empire, will cease to exist." Reddish Kerman was temporarily acting for her brother's position, but the Kerbol Empire took it seriously because they feared the armed forces of the Kerbal Empire. So they decided that Red Kerman would be released 6 hours later, on 00:00 of Day c, Month b, Year a, UTC. The final meal for Red Kerman in Kerbol Empire was a feast. This time the food is prepared in Kerbin conditions, by the best chefs in the Kerbol Empire who used cutting-edge technology to create a complete Kerbalized ecosystem on Moho. Red Kerman was very happy and ate a lot. In fact, he ate too much. Then he was sent to space on his own SSTO. Howver, at this time Red Kerman was too heavy and the SSTO had poor maneuverability. While trying to dock to Kerbol Empire's Moho Orbital Space Station, Red Kerman used up all his monopropellant on the way and unluckily spun out of control, because his RCS thrusters went flame-out when the SSTO was turning. Red Kerman realized the the DIY kit did not include reaction wheels. So Red Kerman could not stop his SSTO from spinning. Without fuel, he could not remain in the dark side of Moho. Soon Red Kerman witnessed the last sunrise of his life. Kerbol's glaze melted his SSTO and all that other Kerbals could find, was a dust of plastic and destroyed organics orbiting Moho from that day on. Twelve days later, the angry troops of Kerbal Empire wiped out the last hostile forces in the Kerbol system by driving them away with force. But there is no more Red Kerman. Is my story too long? I just realized that many posts before yours weren't very long. Albedo Kerman - landing on Charon
  17. SOH SCRAP latch Scarlette is the flat buskkit simulator of Vall time (in my mind) As stated in the OP, Also I don't know when was the first space added. But people seem to be happy about spaces. I pressed enter and (probably) some other key, and my unfinished post went out.
  18. Banned for not using a complicated gerund.
  20. OH SCRAP latch Scarlette is the lat briskkit simulator of tall time (in my mind)
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