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  1. Went looking around at some old craft files I have, and found a few from the same career save that are quite large. so today I took a trip down memory lane... These were all created 3-4 years ago (top to bottom) S. S. Zerye (64m) The Duna Mothership (74.9m) Dawn Mothership (75m) Massive Cargo Ship (113.7m) Massive Colonial Ship (147m) All five of these ships are completely stock. and the Duna Mothership is the first interplanetary ship I made. the duna mothership is the only ship out of these that was assembled in orbit. I stumbled upon the cargo ship, and realized it was the sister ship of the MCS that I had never launched. its partcount is like.. 330, and cargo bay too small to hold anything. What happened with the ships? All I remember about the order was the Duna Mothership was first, and the Massive Colonial Ship was the last of this group to be launched. Duna Mothership - assembled in LKO, flew to Duna with multiple landers to act as a "KSC away from Kerbin". was left at Duna due to not having enough ore tanks to refuel properly via landers transferring Ore. Zerye - launched from Kerbin, had landing legs attached, and landed on Minmus to refuel, then left in a convoy of other ships (I think one was a ship based off the Consular-class space cruiser?). Landed on Ike to refuel, then docked with the Duna Mothership to transfer crew, then left to Eve or something? I do not remember where it went last. Dawn - flew to Eve, idk where I left it afterwards.. maybe to Gilly? Massive Cargo Ship - never launched due to issues of its cargo bay being too tiny for anything Massive Colonial Ship - launched in a single piece empty to LKO. drained a class B asteroid that was left in LKO to partially refuel enough to make it to a big asteroid station in a 1000km orbit. Then drained a class E asteroid to almost fully refuel. Then went to Eve with Dawn, landed on GILLY (the thing is 650t empty and 2700t full) piggybacking on a much smaller ship to refuel, then flew to Dres. (in a sandbox save, I launched it fully fueled, and did a direct transfer to Jool, but I abandoned that save before it reached Jool..) Massive Colonial Ship launching (surprisingly light when empty) Massive Colonial Ship landed on Gilly (used the 'diplomatic ship' as a lander stage lol) When the MCS was docked to the asteroid station A small mothership.. cant have been more than 40m in length Zerye on Ike Dawn grappled onto class D asteroid Failed docking attempt of Zerye and Duna Mothership... (this docking event happened in late 2018, a year prior to the Massive Colonial Ship's arrival and refueling at Gilly... and about 12 ingame years I think..) All the images are not the best quality due to it being from Steam... and also late 2019.. I do distinctly remember building a third mothership in the 75m class at about the same time as the Dawn mothership.. but it seems to not have existed? I am now thinking of even more gargantuan ships that could be made with the partmod I am working on.. it could probably have ships with large enough hangars to fit the MCS?
  2. I made a B9 HX endpiece into a command bridge! I did this mainly due to it being like.. that endpiece always looked like it would look good as a bridge (Disclaimer: I copied and modified that endpiece to make this part.. credit goes to blowfish for the B9 HX mod) Crew hatches! It can hold 5 kerbals.. and glows! I think it fits with the rest of the B9 HX parts
  3. I uhh.. made a tracked propeller aircraft it didnt exceed 10m/s lol
  4. You cant. BUT you can have the stars use the cache file of a different, deformed body! The cache is basically how an object is shaped in map view, and is usually the same as the heightmap of an object. I made a test body with that same shape, then had the stars use that cache.
  5. Hello! Im new to scripting, and Im trying to figure out how to get a vessel to be spawned. I slightly understand what happens with VesselMover's vesselspawn part, however i am unsure of how to get a vessel to just spawn with a keypress at world origin to test out spawning a vessel.
  6. Granted, but you are now always frustrated it is 120 fps and not 121 fps I wish for a rock
  7. Using the HX fairing pieces as landing pads? Havent thought about that, pretty cool idea! Inspired by NASA's "all wing oblique wing supersonic transport", I decided to try making it myself! a smaller version ofc since stock rotors are weak yea idk what they were thinking, seemed perfect for KSP! unfortunately, stock rotors were more glitchy than i remembered. this resulted in one engine rotating awkwardly or just spazzing out. I had FAR installed, so it got stuck in a dive welp
  8. Granted, universe whizzes by you as time goes far into the future. after billions of years you witness the last star being born, a trillion years later, you see it die. As the universe ages to the extreme, there are now balls of iron that slowly fuse over 10^1000 years. After an indescribably long amount of time (somewhere around 10^10^1000 years), you evaporate. I wish for an all wing oblique wing plane
  9. Granted, it is a portal gun to the Minecraft nether, where hundreds of fires will spawn from. I wish for a pancake plane
  10. Granted, but a glitch bans every single user EXCEPT for that one I wish for a stick of uranium
  11. granted, it is grilled on only one side. I wish for Jebediah Kerman to wish for something
  12. Granted, the last corruption is the most boring thing ever, the hot chocolate was one tenth of a degree too warm. I wish for... a pea
  13. Granted, but its barely sticking out, upside down, in solid bedrock. good luck getting it out I wish for a paradox that comes from wishing for more wishes but the wish fails but in a strange way that results in a cup of tea appearing. Basically, I wish for a cup of hot chocolate
  14. Granted: You incorrectly specified that the "hydrogen lifted Zeppelins" are fireproof, not the hydrogen itself. the hydrogen then spontaneously fuses, vaporizing everything within 2km of the nearest Zeppelin I wish for... hm... more moons
  15. After accidentally making a cool looking lava moon initially before making it a hyper-acidic moon. I then thought about making Creui's atmosphere half as tall at 90km instead of 181km for a few reasons. (main reason is that it kinda looks a little odd rn with the very high clouds after the "omg i made my first scatterer planet!" feeling wore off) I downloaded FAR and tested some shuttles The one I used mainly was a bit faster, but went into an uncontrollable spin So I then added some stuff to stabilize it. It flew... slightly faster than the original. I then found the wave drag part of FAR, and decided to try making a craft with the lowest wave drag as I could. And now, here is the big shuttle! about 1.25m at its widest, and has a wave drag area of just 0.11m^2 compared to the previous shuttle's 0.3m^2. It looks like a waverider, but does not act like one. It has two juno engines, can fly at mach 1.3. This shuttle can carry 9 kerbals compared to the 2 the previous could. the cruise characteristics, twice as fast. On landing, it is too aerodynamic, so I tried adding a parachute, but they refused to deploy, even if i was flying a few meters above the ground with blue icon. So I added airbrakes. The biggest downside of this shuttle? When its fully loaded, its stall speed is 135m/s, which can be an issue.. I then did an orbital test flight! In orbit with extra fuel! i didnt bring the kerbals this time. It was here I realized. a kerbal design flaw. Due to wave drag optimization, the solar panel ended up behind the engines, resulting in this situation. Turns out, with FAR, you now have to pay attention to the angle. Reentering at slightly too high of an angle results in it hitting the thicker part of the atmosphere too fast and blowing up. Also turns out the atmo curve was broken where the pressure spiked to 3atm just below the ksc resulting in a wall of drag. so i fixed that too. Did a successful landing. the airbrakes helped a lot, as well as the much lower stall speed of about 100m/s I then proceeded to make an enormous nuclear saltwater engine called the "Crucible" A kerbal inspecting the giant engine It is extremely powerful and efficient at 259,000kN and 137,900s. (its a new part so it currently just uses liquidfuel) However, at its non-tweakscaled size, the engine is 15m wide, 58m long, and weighs about 4900t. It is meant to be built in orbit on enormous ships.
  16. Granted, but helium is now flammable so no Zeppelins I wish for.... giant parts in ksp
  17. Currently, the game sometimes doesnt feel alive, like.. you can get a LOT of stranded kerbal contracts! Where are all the vessels?! There may be a 50% failure rate because kerbals, but that still leaves a lot of potentially functional vessels out in space you have explored. The NPC ship idea could be that after entering orbit around a body and returning back to Kerbin, there is a small chance when exploring that body again, a vessel will spawn in orbit within a few thousand km of the active vessel. They would be owned by the different companies from the contract system (the ones that seem to always get kerbals stuck in space). The vessels would be from a library of vessels like the repair contracts are. There would need to be things in place to prevent the player from controlling them, maybe like just outright locking controls. And that there would be reputation penalties for significantly altering their trajectory or damaging them (likely doable). Basically, you can either track in tracking station, or intercept it and load it that way before tracking somehow, then it would despawn either if you havent chosen to track it, or if you have chosen to stop tracking it just like asteroids in the tracking station this would scale with how much you explored the area, like.. at first you would see just simple little rockets similar to your early game stuff, then later on it would be a variety of space stations. You might be able to borrow some fuel out of a fuel depot if it is possible. they would keep their names after undocking with the naming priority stuff and will despawn if you let them. Not sure how doable NPC ships would be, but would be a neat addition.. Perhaps there could be contracts for refueling some vessels. the bigger wrecks idea? Simply have the game choose from a library of vessels, destroy a non-crew part, spawn a kerbal in a part that can hold crew (and make sure the kerbal IS in the part that is able to be spawned in). Doing this instead of just spawning a single crew capsule part with one kerbal inside would add a bit of variety. For these ideas, the game should check and make sure the vessels being spawned in are using only unlocked parts, and maybe scale with how much you have explored an area... Just some ideas! let me know if these already exist!
  18. Ok, so I made Procul today. Procul is the 7th planet in the Dini system, and is the largest at 5700km radius. Slightly smaller and less massive than Jool. It is an interesting pink color with some rings. it also has a 10 degree axial tilt. Sanden Kerman on EVA looking at Procul. The night side of the planet The usual very-lit-up-rings-filling-the-entire-width screenshot Due to this tilt, Procul has "seasons", with the ring shadow sweeping across its surface over the course of its 14.2 kerbin year orbit. There will be two moons, one minmus-like moon in the ring gap, and a second Titan-like moon orbiting further out. This planet does show similarities to Saturn, being slightly smaller than Jool (Jupiter analogue), has a large tilt, has one major moon and rings. Procul also has some pretty blue aurorae! With the freighter in view because y e s. (This kinda looks like a sci-fi movie shot with the ship I guess?) I am still pondering how a 'sector view' mod would work, where in a preset config, the orbital camera can rotate to the new 'axis', where if there is a planet like Procul with a 10 degree tilt (or something wild like Caeruleum with an 80 degree tilt), the view could rotate slightly. It could be done with vector stuff but I honestly cant figure out exactly how the ingame camera even works. in the code. Procul's 10 degree 'tilt' is achieved using a simple EVE cloud layer, where its an opaque layer of the same texture as the planet itself, but offset and rotated on a tilted axis. The rings (and soon two moons) also orbit at about 10 degrees.
  19. Well.. I havent worked on this mod in months, but I did recently separate Estrela Dobre and Excelsior from the rest of the mod. At the moment, yes, it replaces the kerbol system.
  20. Went on a bit of an adventure modding stuff I gave Creui proper eve clouds (not 2.0 yet) and also a moon! Chioni, Creui's closer moon, it is slightly smaller than Gilly. (i will add a second, atmospheric moon) View of Creui from Chioni! I then experimented with a homeswitch which puts the KSC about 60km above the surface of Creui. Creui's surface pressure is 270 atm, and at 60km up, its just below 1 atm and slightly chilly. I am trying to get something to work to place a floating city around the KSC Yes I experimented with career mode.. this totally isnt cursed at all lol It was fairly difficult to get out of Creui's soupy atmosphere, but got a first satellite in the unkerballed start. After MANY attempts and reverts, I got Jeb into orbit in a rescue shuttle to rescue those stuck in low orbit around Creui.. odd that the KSC is the only point that can be launched from and there were several kerbals stranded in orbit already (yes I know the contract system isnt used to probes first) The very first crewed ship I sent to orbit around creui HAD to be a shuttle as the KSC is the only landable point on the planet, and missing it would then be like falling into a gas giant. Creui is a super-venus about 900km in radius (960km if you are measuring at 1 bar) Got to orbit with the most ineffecient profile, but it worked. Jebediah in space over some sunrise Jebediah spent 15 days in space slowly rescuing the kerbals using barely any fuel. finally got all three kerbals rescued from LCO (LKO but for Creui?). This is a stock craft that uses the making history DLC. This is fine. maybe I should call the shuttle the "Possum" as it carries kerbals on its back and protects them on reentry Missed the KSC by a few dozen km, but safely made it back ... and crash landed the typical Jebediah fashion Immediatley after completing the contracts, like.. three more kerbals got stranded somehow. lol. (i know the game just generates the kerbals, but I thought it was funny considering the ksc is the only launchable point) Creui career mode on NORMAL is surprisingly challenging. having to get unkerballed start, then figuring out how to guaranteed get the kerbals back home without falling into the planet. along with the soupy atmosphere as Creui's atmosphere extends to 181km This is a very early version of the mod too.
  21. I made a neat little planet orbiting in the Dini system! Bestraald, the 1st planet, a planet bathed in the radiation from the highly active red dwarf each time it passes close. Similar to Mercury, where it having a large iron core results in higher surface gravity than usual. Bestraald is 250km with 0.4g surface gravity, it has no rings or moons, and orbits faster than Moho despite its SMA being 3 million km greater than Moho's. it is in a 4:3 resonance with another planet slightly further out. That blue gas giant with asteroid rings, Caeruleum, is the third planet. Landed at the edge of one of the largest craters in the northern hemisphere The binary suns from the surface. Bestraald from orbit. Due to the orbits of its parents stars, sometimes, Anatarchi (the red dwarf) rises over an hour before Iremia (the bright star), giving the landscape a temporary eerie glow, before being blinded by 27kW/m^2 of sunlight. and yes eclipses look pretty decent here.
  22. I came back and tested a config to allow stock asteroids to spawn around a planet. It worked! There are now asteroids spawning just outside the rings of Caeruleum! It is basically free fuel in orbit, though the inclination with the rest of the system is whack at about 80 degrees. Has some nice views too! Caeruleum is a cloudless gas planet, essentially a warm uranus but without water. It gets about 3 times the light kerbin gets, so it is quite warm.
  23. Today, I really just... made a 'bridge' escape craft, which has a nifty carrier that it can connect to! The nuclear engines have 5km/s of delta v, which is not bad considering that it also has a lot of dry mass and oxidizer.... i guess... There are two rhino engines for an extra boost at a good effeciency. The front round part does undock (it originally detatched with a decoupler), and is able to fly away with a capacity of 19 kerbals (and one more in the captains swivel chair). The ship is probably capable of landing on Duna and returning to orbit... I might need to add a ladder. The pod can easily enter Kerbin's atmo from LKO, has close to 2km/s of fuel if detatched fully fueled up. I couldnt put enough parachutes to slow its descent to below 10m/s, so it does use a bit of propulsive touchdown with the parachutes helping the orientation as it likes to fall upside down. All the crew capacity of the ship is on the pod. Also the whole pod can act as a little boat, a bit unstable in the water tho. While building this, my game crashed just by looking forwards in the SPH... luckily I had saved this right before.. This needs TCA to hover, and the aerospikes at the front provide way more than enough leverage. I will test this ship soon. I think the only DLC part is the robotics servo, which is used for the captain's swivel chair lol
  24. I... dont understand it... I am thinking of perhaps... toning down Solaris a bit? I am also doing the long process of slowly switching all the .png files to .dds and switching to use onDemand to reduce ram usage. I am thinking of making Solaris be just... cities on continents, denser than Earth, but not outright ecuminopolis... or maybe doing a sort of compromise to make it far less complex like making it just top layer. Though in that case, there will still be terrain features poking up out of the cityscape like the peaks.
  25. Granted, Your cat's tail is now a radio I wish for... uhh.. rockets
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