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  1. I improve my craft once again, my apologies if this annoying... but this is fun for me. I reach the location in 41:23 but couldnt land until 43:++
  2. I used 2 mk2 small cargo bay to put the radiators and 3 RTGs, here is the craft file. https://kerbalx.com/Bryson/DeepSpace-Grasper-F
  3. I try it again still G forces almost kill my crew, it was not a smooth approach to the runway, but manage to reduce the time just a little.
  4. Finally somehow... I did it, I could go faster but overheat became a problem above 1400m/s < 20000 m altitude, then breaking was a mayor problem... the autopilot mod that I download for this event. turns off the sas and leave the plane totaly out of control, when is dissengaged, I donwload it yersterday... so. I wonder how does everyone manage to stop withuot breaking parts, the air brakes couldnt withstand the forces. done in 44 min and 19 Sec https://imgur.com/OTzxEdf https://imgur.com/1tXJ0At https://imgur.com/ShSqyNR
  5. its very Simple to reach orbit with it, shared in kerbalx https://kerbalx.com/Bryson/Deep-Space-Grasper
  6. mining platform ANTARES https://kerbalx.com/Bryson/Antares Max Crew : 51 Dimensions: Height: 31.6 // Wide: 31.4 // Lenght: 55.0 // Mass: 661.841 t Life Support Payload: Food: 7,536.89 // Water: 9,896.84 // Waste: 5,257.12 // Oxigen: 1'900,705.19 // WasteWater: 7,891.60 // Electric charge: 140,668.54 // CarbonDioxide: 757,410.13 Payload ORE: 67,200 Other Features:(4) Mining detachable (drilling) probes WASP // (4) Ore Tanks detachable with built-in RCS // (2) Main Quarters with Artificial gravity + Thrusters gravity // (2) GreenHouses // (2) WaterPlants // (1) science
  7. you Can filter everything that is compatible with mk2 parts by his shape
  8. Hello, i have downloaded this mod and so far i love it, thanks for the hard work, I appreciate this effort, specially now with the quarantine, KSP is giving me a paradise to rejoice. I love to build spaceplanes more than rockets and notice (3) things that are missing in the Mk2 stuff: - No Cokpit have remote control points for the probes (hop) - No double size service bay - No nuclear tank storage (fuel/waste) https://kerbalx.com/Bryson/craft I have also install others mods like configurable containers to use the regular fuel tanks but some mods arent compatible with others
  9. I see many snacks on the image....isnt a hint of the update... does it?
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