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  1. Hi @linuxgurugamer Is there any way to change the default latency setting in this mod? Everytime I turn vessel viewer on my game drop to 10fps from 50fps and start stuttering. It Runs better when i change the latency mod to obscene or high. And its frustrating to change the latency everytime i play.
  2. KSPOST_v1\Music\Bodies\2 Eve\Eve 1.ogg - 압축데이터를 읽을 수 없습니다. (Cannot read zip data) KSPOST_v1\Music\Bodies\2 Eve\Eve 2.ogg - 손상된 압축 파일입니다. (The file is a corrupted file or damaged) I can't unzip it completely because im getting errors with these files. Is it just me?
  3. I don't know exactly when this started to happen, target and anti-target symbol is missing and sometimes flickering and flying everywhere.(but mostly i can't see them) And even SAS can't figure out where the target is so it just points at anywhere randomly. Other SAS symbols appear just fine. (Retrograde, Prograde, Normal... etc) Here's the DLL of my mods And here's the list of my mod folder. And i posted a video on youtube about this. Plz help.
  4. My game crashes when im flying in the atmosphere randomly. Ive had 3 total crashes recently and they were all while i was flying. It doesnt crash immediately and it happenes after sometime i fly. Crash i just had happened after 5min of flying. Crash i had previously happened after 30 min of flying. I just discovered another issue where my game screen just freezes but the sound still works. When i press esc it mutes the sound just like normal game, when i press esc again the sound comes back on. So the game is running fine but only the screen freezes? What could be causing this issue? Here's the list of my loaded DLL's And here is list of my mods And here is the Player.log and the error.log I searched up this problem and saw that razer synapse could cause this. I deactivated it but the crash still happened. I'm running MSI Afterburner with RTSS overlay and windows Gamebar overlay. All the mods, windows, and graphics driver is up to date. Tried deactivating RTSS too. It still happened tho.