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  1. I fixed it by changing the power management setting in nvidia control panel from 'prefer maximum performance' to 'optimum power'. I'm not sure if amd cards have such settings in driver but this is how i solved it. Parts are stock parts with restock and TU
  2. Hi. Im enjoying the mod! Can u add a support for restock plus parts?
  3. Weird glitch on main menu. Got me really scared this time. Never seen this before... haha
  4. I dont have any mods related to Kopernicus. But here's my mod list. https://www.dropbox.com/s/1f7s7qiif08ipww/8585.txt?dl=0 I remember in version 20.1 or 20 the big map worked fine with my mod list. So maybe it has to do with the changes of the update?? Or could it be a conflict between scansat and other mods?
  5. @TaintedLion I'm having the same issue but im on 1.9.1. How did you solve it? I don't see anything on the big map but small map still works.
  6. I'm super dumb. All i had to do was drag the parts in. Not click it in. Sorry if i bothered you. ignore this.
  7. @JacobPF9 Did u press it while on flight scene? If i remember correctly KK menu doesnt show in KSC screen
  8. Hello. I've been looking through my player.log and i found this nullreferenceException log. Is it somewhat dangerous to keep playing with this?
  9. Hi, im on 1.9.1 and i can't accept or decline a contract from SPH or VAB. This isn't supposed to happen right? Could there be conflict between this mod and other mods? Is this only happening to me? Or anyone else?
  10. How would i know if the game crashed because of low memory? Does it say it crashed because of low memory in player.log file? What word do i have to look for in the log? Thank you for your reply. However, when i removed Heappadder i started getting some random GC crashes so i just put it back on. Since most of my mods are mostly essential utility mods i can’t decide which ones to remove.... So how about adding more ram? That’s probably the most ideal way without removing mods right?
  11. I love playing with AVP. I don't think i can play without AVP anymore. Thank you for creating this beautiful mod. However, there's some things i would like to be changed. I'm using Sunflares of Maar as suggested by AVP. As you can see in the picture above, the sunflare doesn't appear until the sun is fully visible. Same applies to the kerbin's atmosphere. (Sorry i don't have a picture on this) Sunflare doesn't appear until the sun is fully out of the atmosphere of kerbin when looked from the space. (I don't know if i'm explaining this clearly enough, ill post some more pict
  12. I do have a lot of mods installed, but i don't think they should take up the whole 16gbs of ram? Are they normal behavior? They use 10gbs on the main menu when im not even playing. Which mod would be responsible for using too much ram? My player.log https://www.dropbox.com/s/32owk9icd28t61a/Player.log?dl=0 And what would happen if i eventually run out of ram? Will the game crash?
  13. I'm having bunch of null reference exception errors in my player log with kerbal konstructs. Can anyone take a look at it? https://www.dropbox.com/s/71agv2jeyx0mgbr/Player.log?dl=0
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