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  1. Hi all, With some things going on IRL, I'm gonna pause the WW adventures for a bit. (basically, I spilled a water bottle onto my computer that day before online classes started. Kraken sent good luck for backups fortunately!). Hopefully I can pick back up in a month or two. In the meantime, here's a quick recap of what's what in the Kaywell system: -Kerbmun has quite the fleet with three bases and 15+ kerbonauts on the surface, with intermittent crew rotations. The mesbinians have began to slowly move non-kerbonaut citizens there as well-all the infrastructure is in place to do so. And it's easy enough to build new houses in the (mostly) breathable air there. I haven't fully expanded any of the colonies in game due to lag/time, but the hardware is there :) -Dermin City, the outpost on Derminmus, has 20 kerbonauts. The crew there has expanded their large crew buildings by building underground into the minty rock, and will provide another home for more Mesbinians. While the main shipyards are still on Mesbin, most larger crew ships stop by here to refuel and pick up crew. -A few more kerbals are scattered around Mesbin SOI: two on Statmun, twelve on Nearpoint Station in LMO. -The four crew on Derbin are doing well and exploring using the Flyer for now. -The three explorers/colonists on Valyr are doing well, and a return mission is being prepared for them! It uses a modified version of the Derbin SSTO with ISRU added, to get the crew back to orbit. Also, a crew ship based on the Reander LH2 NTR tugs, but with ISRU and low-gee landing capabilities added. There will be a crew of five going to pick up the three on Valyr and explore the surrounding moons (possibly with another version of the Reander system spaceplane). Valyr could still be a potential colony target later on, but the kerbs have been happy with the local options of Kerbmun (for the air) and Derminmus (for the resources and dV advantages for mission prep). -The Reander crew ship and SSTO spaceplane are both on the way to that giant planet, and should arrive in 2 kerbin years. Who knows what the crew will find there... -Finally, the Magna Carta, the giant lithium-engined Gememma system ship, is one year out from Gememma. The crew will have to make calls about where to go first-Lowell has some very interesting atmospheric signatures, and the Mandrake/Rutherford gas giant system is quite appealing. They have a plane for Lowell and landers to tackle most of the planets in the system. Until next time, fly safe all!
  2. Chapter 24: The Big Landing Been a minute... lots of fun stuff in the works though. I also installed Beyond Home and have been having some fun with career there too. Chapter 25: A short (long) detour to Reander Catching up on some mission planning :-)
  3. Chapter 21: The Magna Carta Back at my favorite part of KSP: building absoutely absurd motherships!
  4. Haha yep-1.8.1 so just different light colors, no custom suits or suit textures. I do have Texture Replacer for their hair/faces but not suits
  5. Chapter 20: Larklight A quick update: no real big missions, but a new ship was launched, the NMS Moonlethunter, which took a crew of 2 to go finally investigate the ring of moonlets orbiting Mesbin, mostly in low orbit. This new design was the first Ion Engine vehicle launched from Mesbin, and quickly found several moonlets that might be good candidates for an outpost. But the best, by far, was a Magic Boulder moonlet! Four modules (Hab, reactor/ISRU, lab and a bunch of small docking ports, and an antenna) later, Larklight Station was complete for now! Habs and lab are on the north hemisphere of the glowing rock, while the nuclear reactor and mining hardware lie on the other side, for... safety. Fransby is happy about the results! This new outpost can provide much fueling, as well as some stopping points for new ships.
  6. Thank you both! It's definitely going to continue, though I'm not sure how quickly. I kind of jump between this and Whirligig World a lot-WW is a lot more of the stock whimsy (and great visuals) but with some killer dV requirements thrown in, while RSS really emphasizes ship designs for maximum efficiency, even with SMURFF. Both are fun but any given week I tend to spend more time on one project haha!
  7. Update: I don't think KSRSS rescaled is going to play out due to some terrain bugs. A shame, given that it runs smoother and the visuals are better on my slow-ish computer. So close to working... Jessel is sad. But, on the bright side, since the mars fleet is ready, I do intend on firing up RSS and continuing out into the aether shortly! Possibly with a few additional mods as well.
  8. Explored the Valyr system (Whirligig world) some more, including Didd, which is interesting in that not only is it a moon of a moon, but it has a class E asteroid moon of it's own! Also, green monolith:
  9. This isn't over, but some side projects were taking priority. In the process of trying to port the save over to a rescaled 10.625x KSRSS since it seems to play much easier on my computer for some reason... so hopefully this will be back soon with better graphics, restock, and lots of other little changes!
  10. Nice! Hopefully the seat bugs resolve themselves, WW has been very reliable for me (pretty much same as stock).
  11. Moved from a big colony with spacecraft construction to a little colony but now they have water and easily available oxygen... seems like an okay tradeoff
  12. Sure was! For the three that went down to Valyr at least. Ascent is about the same dV as Eve, which is really surprising to me-based on landing difficulties I thought it might be more. But still tough. I'll probably eventually ship out something if they want to return, but the short term plan (like next few months, real-time) is to just send them more supplies and maybe an aircraft.
  13. It's that feeling you get of dizziness after spinning round too many times... Chapter 14: More fleet mayhem Up next: Valyr! Hopefully...
  14. Put an ocean base and boat on the semi-habitable world of Kerbmun (Whirligig World)
  15. Maybe! I kind have a series of names in mind for the next fleet... Though most of my surface vehicles end up being Explorers Chapter Thirteen: Housekeeping before venturing into the great unknown So yep, things are falling (from orbit) into place finally! Those familiar whith Whirligig probably know where the first big mission is going based on using boats...
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