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  1. If you mean flying an airplane with such a system - yes, and why not If you mean to change the sweep of the wing in flight - hardly
  2. You described the current state of the KSP and not the state of the BDArmory mod
  3. Rather, on the contrary, it is a sign of poor-quality work and the absence of any testing
  4. Another bug: When you press the "Fire Missile" button (no difference, with the help of action groups or a designated button), missiles are fired at high speed. It is unrealistic to release one piece When one type of missiles ends, the device automatically switches to another and fires them. There is a risk of being left without missiles I think it's worth adding a limiter that limits the number of missiles fired at a time (1, for example) until the button is released
  5. It's strange, but I can't shoot unguided missiles... KSP.log has this
  6. If I'm not mistaken, I should only ask permission if I decide to put his product into public access (which I wasn't going to do) or use it in any way for my own purposes (create my own mod, for example) I didn't do either, so I don't need to ask permission In addition, this person has not been online for a year, so it is unlikely that he will answer me... By the way, do you want to update this mod?
  7. This has already been done a long time ago by user SpannerMonkey He deleted his mods, but I still have the zip archives. If you want, I can upload them to a file sharing site and send you a link
  8. The developer himself does not know and cannot name the exact date According to him, the main part of the work is completed You are very kind...
  9. For the first time I hear that in the current BDArmory with the help of LMB it was possible to shoot guided missiles Do you also use a joystick to control an airplane? In any case, DocNappers should start working on our request
  10. Like a click of LMB should be enough for firing guns
  11. Looks like...I do not know the whole BDArmory, since I use only 3 groups of actions... By the way, it would be good for launchers of unguided missiles (for example, the second one on the left, taken from here), to add the "jettison" action at least to the action groups. At the moment, they can be reset only through the details menu, which is called in flight by clicking the PCM on the part.
  12. Do you mean the launcher itself? Or an unguided M-13 missile? If the latter, then these missiles do not differ much in behavior from the "Hydra-70" and "S-8" missiles In addition, as I know, such missiles are guided by direct fire (like conventional cannon shells) and fly straight without taking into account the influence of gravity until they self-destruct or collide with something. And even if it is not, then in the current BDArmory there is no sight that allows you to calculate firing from cannons or rocket launchers along mounted trajectories If anything, I meant this menu In addition, it would be desirable to display the "next/prev. weapon" and "fire missile" buttons there
  13. EVE works even on my GT710 quite satisfactorily (for the performance of this graphics card). Example in the photo below: Hopefully, the new update won't require RTX4090 to work... 1. Try to remove one of the mods from the GameData folder. In this way, you can identify the culprit of the failures 2. Try reinstalling the mod by first removing them and the dependencies required for them. You also need to delete 4 cache files of the Module Manager (with the same name in the GameData folder there are 5 files - the plugin itself with the extension .dll and 4 cache files. They need to be deleted). It is advisable to download the mods themselves again
  14. I meant to assign shooting from the selected weapon to ANY button that is on the keyboard/computer mouse/gamepad The possibility of such a setting is in BDArmory, but for all types of weapons at once
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