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  1. @Next_Star_Industries update out yet? EDIT: looked at space dock EDIT2: the new weapons and MTA stuff does no damage
  2. @Next_Star_Industries in a future update could there be some balancing work and could the explosions of nukes be switched to yours on all mods? also i think some of the pew weapons do no damage and have strange flight paths.
  3. https://spacedock.info/mod/371/Carcharoth Aeronautics spelled wrong its guns and bombs do no damage.
  4. this has nkd in it and works perfectly with 1.10 https://spacedock.info/mod/2506/Next Star Industries although it doesn't have all of it as some of it is replaced by stuff in other mods. look through the game data folder and remove stuff you dont want.
  5. i would recommend to help with the overheating problem adding a fairing around the engine and separators to the wings. when your going that fast wings become drag creators. getting read of the fairing and replacing it with a heat shield might also be good.
  6. is there a chance that the Teleoperator Retrieval System and Skylab Rescue could be added in a future update?
  7. @MrThomnnusmust say best video i have seen in a long time!
  8. 10/10 i must say i have now seen you more than any one else.
  9. 1000000/1 you cant argue with the memes