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  1. Part mods: Will be back for over a year, probably more lol. Anyway, thanks for updating this to 1.10.1.
  2. I would love to see an ultra realistic version of this for RSS/RO eventually, but until then im still happy to play stock because of this mod. Also, Will Principia mess with the mod?
  3. I think i need to make the fuselage a bit wider. The engines in the badge are definitely not as big as the fuselage.
  4. This is my version of the badge, its not good, but it flies.
  5. This is an actual submission. I was going to go with a twin mustang like thing, put that proved a bit too hard, plus its symmetrical, so instead I did this.
  6. Yeah I know. I did it more as a joke then an actual entry. It was surprisingly hard though, especially the landing gear.
  7. So... Is this symmetry though? It follows all the rules for the competition, but its symmetrical...
  8. This is basically the user friendly version of Procedural Parts, and I love it! Thanks again for bringing these mods back!
  9. That's interesting, I didn't mean a helicopter, but that is a good idea, I was just referencing how half of the planes don't look like planes.
  10. Wow this thread is now "old" I wonder, could I still submit a "plane?"
  11. just a question, but do bda extension mods work with the multiplayer version?
  12. This looks cool, and I am definitely interested since I lived in Switzerland for 3 years.
  13. i dont think you can and i was thinking of using this idea for a mod im making
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