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  1. i dont think you can and i was thinking of using this idea for a mod im making
  2. So im thinking of making a BDA expansion mod, and i was wondering if missiles could split up into multiple missiles. What i mean by that is you have one missile that is radar guided to an aircraft, but when it gets close it splits into many smaller heat seeking missiles.
  3. Yes finally some RP stuff that's not currently in existence!
  4. @Kernel Kraken apparently he is planning a big update but until then @Next_Star_Industries has a mod with all the parts in it that is updated.
  5. this is awesome. i always love it when people create color packs for mods.
  6. first! is there any chance that you could expand this to make an entire custom solar system pack that is procedurally generated including the names? just a suggestion i know its hard work to do stuff like that but it would be completely AWESOME! i will be downloading this as soon as my computer starts working again! and may i ask how long this took you? sorry if this is all over the place but im just really excited that this is finally a thing!
  7. I don't know if this is already a response but make your first stage SRB only. also most likely you need about half as many fins as you think you need. also make the most basic payload possible.
  8. my guess it that you were landing front gear first when you should be landing back gear first.
  9. I know some smart people are on this forum and had this riddle I have been trying to answer forever. If anyone know the answers please tell me. I have asked all my friends and some professors and got nothing. #1 A collective, not known by many, not known for much, but creating the nodding horse of metal. #2 Two of them exist, though they are rather shy. You may only see them with the luck of three die. #3 A blind passenger on board the ship headed towards the behemoth of regolith. #4 The most prestigious lifeform in the alternate world that is missing one spacial dimen
  10. sorry for this being here but i didn't know where else to put it. there is no way that i see to change my username. am i missing something?
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