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  1. so just go as big as possible with as much engines as possible?
  2. yeah I can get the small tank into orbit, however I wanted to know if there was a way in which to launch the Kerbodyne_S3-7200_Tank and dock.
  3. yeah no idea what you mean, i'm trying to now send a smaller fuel tank up but still would want to know how to send a bigger one up there for future reference.
  4. but how do you send that fuel up to refill the empty tank?
  5. launching the tank, I just don't seem to have enough fuel to into orbit, then I struggle with balance etc when I add more fuel tanks
  6. Afternoon all, I am trying to launch a large fuel tank into a LKO to then dock with my space station, however, I am really struggling to do so. I tried to break the fuel tanks down to then dock together at the station but that is causing problems in itself. How do you guys launch heavy stuff into space?
  7. Evening all, I have just started up a space station after finally learning how to dock, however, I went into internal view to see the inside, out the window etc, but when I did, the whole space station tried to flip itself despite having SAS set on prograde to keep a steady orientation. I originally thought it was something to do with the letter C being combined with a control plane so tried just clicking next to my Kerbal "internal camera" but I get the same effect. This is a screenshot of the KSS I have started:
  8. I DID IT!!!!, or should I say we did it. Every single one of you has helped me so much to achieve a very difficult obstacle but my craft (Ad Astra I) has docked successfully with the unmanned satellite, Auriga III. Thank you all so much for your help, but please, don't be surprised if i'm back on the forums asking for help with other explorations in the Kerbin universe. Thanks again!!!!!
  9. thanks a lot. I have played a lot of flight sim with PMDG etc and that was a struggle to understand but now can fly that plane easily (in simulator obviously) so I think taking it slow is the way forward like I did with PMDG. The only trouble I find now is the low monopropellant, those tanks don't hold much fuel at all so I think if I had enough fuel this manoeuvre would be a lot easier.
  10. well it looks like all of what you said worked, now the next hard part...bloody docking the thing. I can't thank you all enough for your patience!! ok, sorry again. As the image denotes, I have got even closer now at around 4 meters, however, I am now running quite low on monopropellant so getting close is proving to be very tricky. Is it still just a case of going prograde/retrograde in order to get close enough?
  11. I can thank you all enough for your advice, I have been struggling to get into a stable orbit but now have that complete controlled so I know it's just a matter of practice for this to work so thank you for feeling me with confidence!
  12. so this is where I am currently at: and don't really know what to do, not much fuel in the main tank so do I now just fly direct to pink target or prograde or?? (sorry for sounding so stupid as I know it's entirely me and you have all already answered this question) I have raised my orbit to allow the station to catch up with me so should I collapse my orbit again to line up with the station?
  13. I am nearly at a point now of giving up. The tutorials in this game are dreadful, I tried to follow the docking tutorial and nothing made sense. I have had to constantly revert back to being coplaner again, opposite sides of Kerbin because if I get near the station, my periapsis is around 30,000 so I just start to fall out of orbit, or I overshoot, or I get near then run out of fuel so have to use thrusters which then, they of course run out of fuel. I have watched countless tutorials and listened to every piece of advice on this page and I just feel like everyone else is understand it and I literally do not get it. This game is so hard I just feel like giving up on ever trying to dock...