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  1. Ah yes, that was the cause. I assumed the fuel of an engine-reactor wouldn't deplete when not in use. I've bound the "toggle reactor" function to the same action group as activating the engines now. Would it be possible for a QoL feature to have a "hibernate/shut down during warp" toggle like the probe cores? When performing an escape or insertion burn (in deep gravity wells) over multiple burns, it's easy to forget you're running reactors needlessly. Really liking the entire mod suite so far, Systemheat makes me think about what radiators to take with me, and I'm using other
  2. Hmmm, not sure if this is supposed to go under Kerbal Atomics or this topic, but I used the Stubber engine on a craft to go to Eve, but when I get there all enriched uranium has 'evaporated' (no waste was generated and deposited in the engine's storage). So now the engines aren't functioning anymore. So do fission engines burn through enriched uranium at ALL times, even in interplanetary space? Kind of limits their usability if you need to bring extra tanks of enriched uranium on long journeys. Or are there other mechanics at work here?
  3. Ah, I assumed it to be a texture loading problem, because it freezes on approach to Gael from Ceti or Iota for me. Your explanation(s) might also work. But it IS always during timewarp, so maybe it's a certain date (eg. day 57) that triggers it? Will try this out somewhere this week.
  4. That's interesting, I found the 'ocean' to be the safest place to land. Everywhere else, the altimeter didn't match the physical terrain, so you could crash into a termination line and be destroyed as if you're inside the planet, or fall through the terrain.
  5. Seems like a rare bug, as i can't seem to find many examples of it on reddit or this forum. This imgur post is the closest approximation I could find (but it's not entirely the same): https://imgur.com/a/Kb8JnZT What happens: When I plot a maneuver to a planet with a lot of moons (either gas giant Jool in the stock system or ice giant Gateway in Linx' Beyond Home Planet Pack), the patched conics start flickering. After a few seconds, the game starts freezing/stuttering, the maneuver node controls start freaking out (moving the node to a completely different point when adjusting prog
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