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  1. I was hoping that both mods would then work as they should. Based on your pictures, I already understood what you meant.
  2. Do you always click on the arrow next to the 'Community Delta-V Map'-Mod, or directly on the name? The 3 pages that you have in their mod do not exist. If I understand the post in the other thread correctly, then it might help if you just click on the name of their mod.
  3. The only mistake I see is the title of the page from the 'Community Delta-V Map' mod. There is always the title of the last page that you opened before you return to the mod page. You can see what my pages look like in the pictures in the two links below. You could possibly help me if you could take pictures and upload them somewhere to be able to insert the links here. https://ibb.co/4MRcvxk https://ibb.co/5v9vv4G
  4. I'm not working on the OPM Edition so it probably won't work. I tried to reproduce the error with the current KSP version, but for me there were no problems. I'll test it on the KSP version you mentioned.
  5. Sorry for my long absence. I only found the page again today. I'll see what I can do with my limited Unity skills.
  6. @jandcandoThis mod also works with KSP version 1.11. so that you can release them as compatible in the CKAN.
  7. @TranceaddicT As I can see from the log files, you have installed a lot of mods. Please test PlanetWiki with a fresh KSP installation and without the other mods. So we can rule out a fashion conflict, and then let me know again whether the error is still present. Unfortunately I can not reproduce the error with me. Sorry for a possible bad english, I have to use the Google translator.
  8. Where can I find the Player.log file and which version of KSP are you using?
  9. @jandcando I only came across this thread here in the forum when I was already done with the mod. The screenshots were the easiest way for me, because otherwise I had not googled for pictures of the mod and I installed the mod via CKAN. I had strongly compressed the pictures, because otherwise it took a bit long until the pages were displayed in KSPedia. This was also my first contact with Unity and I also had to read some tutorials until I got it going because the PartTools brought me an error. If I find a better way that makes sharper images and still a good loading time possible, I will then provide a revised version again.
  10. @jandcando Sorry for the double post, but I forgot to write 2 lables in English in the mod and project files. I updated the file in the link above.
  11. @jandcando Here is the link, the mod is in the AssetBundles folder: https://filebin.net/5hp3yxr0v91k7r40
  12. I got the mod working again for myself in KSP version 1.9.1. I used screenshots from the original mod for KSP version 1.7.3 and then made them functional again with Unity. The optics suffered a bit, but that's normal if you want to keep the pictures relatively small in terms of memory requirements. @jandcando If you want, you can get the ksp file to publish it.
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