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  1. Hello, don't know if it fits here didn't know where to ask. Since I RSS my parachutes have no effect. They do unfold but the fall is not slowed down. Does anyone know about RealChute how I can adapt them to my mods? Unfortunately, I don't get any answers in the RealChute thread.
  2. Hi, is it intended that the consumption of the engines will be rounded up? I no longer have the exact burning times. or is there a possibility to change this? At least there was no difference before the update; as in the example 140 sec. and 2.28 min.
  3. Hello everyone, can someone explain to me how I connect the parachutes of my different mods with RealChute? I've already tried, with me either the parachutes are activated in the VAB or the "Chut info window" are shown only small so that you can not see anything. Thanks in advance
  4. Hello everyone, 2 OGO experiments, "OGO-EP2 Gravimetric Scanner" and "OGO-OPEP Mass Spectrometer" the animation does not work. Can someone help what the problem is? OGO-EP2 Gravimetric Scanner MODULE { name = DMModuleScienceAnimateGeneric animationName = deploy animSpeed = 2 endEventGUIName = Retract Gravimetric Scanner showEndEvent = false startEventGUIName = Deploy Gravimetric Scanner showStartEvent = false toggleEventGUIName = Toggle Gravimetric Scanner showToggleEvent = true showEditorEvents
  5. Hello, is it possible to change the density / weight of all fuels? If so, can someone help me?
  6. I have the latest KSP version. Here is the link with the log https://www.transfernow.net/xgetXx122020
  7. Hello tried to implement RealChute in other mods. 1. Parachute does not open 2. The settings window in the VAB is not displayed correctly, it is just a small window. Can someone help, or are there explanations such as the MODULE RealChuteModule and MODULE ProceduralChute work?
  8. Hi does anyone have any information or can I explain exactly what MODULE { name = ModuleProceduralFairing nSides = nArcs = nCollidersPerXSection = useClamshell = ejectionForce = TextureURL = panelGrouping = pivot = axis = baseRadius = maxRadius = capRadius = snapThreshold = xSectionHeightMin =
  9. Thanks for the information. Helped me a lot. One more thing. I have the upper tank of the Delta III 2 times. once on the right that is scaled. and I can't edit the left that I actually want. does anyone know a solution?
  10. I am using the latest version of KSP. I forgot to say that I scaled this. My question was actually whether there are explanations for the individual points? MODULE { name = ModuleProceduralFairing nSides = 88 nArcs = 2 nCollidersPerXSection = 12 useClamshell = true ejectionForce = 300 TextureURL = Bluedog_DB/Parts/Aero/bluedog_fairing panelGrouping = 3 pivot = 0,0.11,0 axis = 0,1,0 baseRadius = 2.8125 ma
  11. hi i need help. How can I edit the fairing so that it fits again? Maybe there is an explanation for that somewhere "module procedural fairing" and "ModuleSimpleAdjustableFairing"? would be very grateful.
  12. hi i need help. How can I edit the fairing so that it fits again? Maybe there is an explanation for that somewhere "module procedural fairing" and "ModuleSimpleAdjustableFairing"? would be very grateful.
  13. Hello there is "GameData \ TantaresLV \ Patches \ Soyuz_B9_Rescale"? Unfortunately I don't have them anymore.
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