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  1. when is this going to be available for download?
  2. thanks for the help gargamel i will ask her about getting the newer version. g'day
  3. @HvP hi i use the windows operating system and the joystick didn't say it needed any software just in case it does i will check. in regards to it not being calibrated i don't think that that is the problem as it works fine for games such as GeoFS and Flightgear. thanks for the help though and i will look into fly by wire and the reddit thread. again thanks for the help have a good day. @Harry Rhodan no there isn't any particular reason that i play the pre release. its just the version that my mother got for me. i don't know how or were she downloaded it from but i w
  4. hi i recently bought a joystick for the KSP v pre release and it doesnt work properly. i have no mods installed and whenever i try to use the joystick it doesn't work properly eg: the pitch axis is always down even when the joystick is perfectly centered, the roll axis always starts on the left and if i move the stick to the right it follows untill it reaches half way at which point it moves back to the left. the yaw axis is the only one that works and that is attached to a knob at the top of the stick. btw i use a Thrustmaster USB Joystick (PC).
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