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  1. Fair enough I will stop worrying about their height
  2. Cheers aAHHans I see as the force vetor do's not continue pointing straight up as the plain pitches this does not create torque or a pendulum effect. Ok so I need my col level with com? Still confused why col changes with mass of parts
  3. So firstly the centre of lift it is slightly slow to refresh I'm guessing this is far doing calculations. My main question, I am building a plane using realism overhaul and realistic progression, with FAR. I would like to my centre of lift to be above my centre of mass to utilise the pendulum affect to stabilize my craft. My com is slightly below my col, When I raise the Wings to the top of my craft the com moves with the col. Granted the Wings have some weight I'm using procedural parts. So I emptied the Wings fuel tanks and lowered the mass strength muilplier %. Thinking this would change only the mass and not the lift, but the com and col both move down. Why does col change when only changing weight of parts? Is it something to do with FAR indicator being centre of pressure not centre of lift?
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