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  1. Rutnamlines is proud to offer our A917-A Skycutter as a part of Trans-Kerbin Airways' fleet! The A917a: A short haul, low capacity airliner with long range capabilities. Rutnamlines hopes to hit the airliner scene by storm with its revolutionary new turboprop, the Skycutter. With an impressive takeoff run of only 400 meters and an optimal cruising speed of 150 m/s at 7000 meters, the Skycutter provides luxury comfort as well as sport like performance. The Skycutter carries passengers far with a range of 3,500 kilometres, comfortably and quietly thanks to its two twin prop, contra rotating propeller engines. The A917a is equipped with with special variable pitch propeller blades. Before flying, activate action groups 1 and 2 to set takeoff propeller pitch and enable the aircraft's online energy generation devices. After reaching 90m/s and 110m/s, activate action group 3 then 4, respectivley. Fly Safe- This aircraft is available for purchase here at kerbalX for $192,000,000.