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  1. Hello, I have a good high-end pc that can run mostly every recent games in ultra setting with 60fps , but KSP run at only 20fps.... I have an a Amd ryzen 7, 32gb of ram and an RTX 2060. I don't know how can I have greater fps without affecting the graphics of the game..
  2. Hello I Recently bought a new gaming rig (Ryzen 7 4800H, 32gb ram and RTX 2060) and ksp turn with only 20fps with scatterer installed, I don't understand why . I think I tried everything but I just cannot run the game with 60fps in 1080p with scatterer
  3. Ok that was because I was using rss 18.0 ! Thanks it work now !
  4. Hello! I finally get Kerbal Konstrukt to work on my ksp rss, but when I load a save, I see this and my game crash Edit: I noticed that the solar system isn't loading, Nothing crash but when try to see the map view, the game crash. The space center is literally in space.
  5. I think ksp need a deep refurbishment, I'd like the 1.11 to be a huge rewrite of the game, because he is the least optimised game I've ever seen.. And that's suck because ksp is a great game... With more than 1000hours of game, I think I've spend more than 50 hours on load screen; Why Ksp take so long to load? Big AAA games with much more things to load load 10x faster
  6. Yep but that's sad that a 2011 game still cant run smoothly with a 2017 config...
  7. And also, I play stock ksp with i7, gtx 1080 and 16gb of ram and I can't exceed 40fps... I though I could play with scatterer while I bought my config but no..
  8. When you have a lot of mods, ksp takes so many time to start.. My ksp rss ro takes nearly 30 minutes to load...
  9. I have just found that some old parts variant (like srbs and probes) are still in ksp 1.10, and I found that cool so I make a topic . But I am still confused.. why didn't ksp team remove them ?
  10. This video show how to install space shuttle system in 1.8.1; don't know if this work in 1.9 but you can try...
  11. I don't know why but Kerbal Konstruct don't work in my KSP RSS in 1.8.1... The kerbal konstuct logo show up but when I do Ctrl+K nothings append. Can someone tell me what to do ? I already tried to change KK version but that don't change anythings.
  12. Hi, I can't get Kerbal Konstruct to work in rss, so , I can't install this mod... How can I make kerbal konstruct work ?
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