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  1. hey guys, so i think it might be an issue with this mod if not than sorry for waysting your time but i cant right click on any of my parts and when i do there is no menu that pops up like normal Thanks, KyleHartman775
  2. oh sorry here you go
  3. i dont think it that, becuse i still have over 5GB of ram for it to use cuz ksp when loading only uses 4.6 GB. i also get lots of "[ERR 17:24:04.817] Mismatched serialization in the builtin class 'GameObject'. (Read 15 bytes but expected 75 bytes)" in the KSP.Log file take a look file:///D:/Games/steamapps/common/Kerbal Space Program/KSP.log
  4. Hey Man, Cool mod you go here but my game is having an issue it loads all the way the says "KSP_64.exe has stopped responding" any fixes? From, Kylehartman775 p.s English is not my first language so please go easy on any spelling mistakes