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  1. Ok...i'm not only a ksp noob but a p.c gamer noob. These controls are awful....i played simply rockets app game on ios and that was intuitive although 2d it was derailedand difficult. I. That game a ring was around the ship you used that for control and to see heading vs direction of thrust...i want that! Plus a secondary 3rd dimension ring to represent roll this navball is horrible and too much clutter to even find it useful...i am an ex helicopter mechanic amd i still find it useless...if this is a mod i can get please pointme to it..i tried mapping control to an xbox controller however , if you get into a spin in space breaking out of it is impossible because the game does not enable a heading direction just a thrust direction which means i gotta constantly change direction of thrust to match the opposite of the spin which is a no go...or maybe a mod for the ship to follow my cursor with the wheel being able to add the 3rd dimension of direction? In any case i love the concept of this game and i almost understand the difficulty of implementing controls over all these axis..until i realized my drone can with less buttons than a controller...and ahy don't lt and rt work on mapping controllers?
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