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  1. [snip] Ooo this thread ended up being far more feisty than I intended. Player feedback is crucial to the success of any game that intends on having a long lifespan. Yes I do not know much about how games are made. But take a look at some of the most disliked video game trailers of last decade. The most notorious of which was call of duty infinite. Their fans clearly felt betrayed and did not want another sci-fi shooter. Players want developers that can support and listen to their fans.
  2. Small video game developers today have tuff competition. I would like to post this to commemorate all who developed Kerbal Space Program.It is truly a miracle that a single idea gave rise to one of the most beloved simulators of our time. And none of that would of been possible if it were not for a small, talented, and supportive gaming studio. Few developers are authentic enough to listen to their community and support the game every step of the way. Their efforts have now created a new gaming genre. And it will continue to become a completely new gaming experience. PC and console players alike love this game and are going nuts for what will come after Kerbal space program. When KSP 2 releases, the gaming nerds including myself are going to go ballistic. Thank you for making the best simulation game of the decade !
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