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  1. I thinks i found a solution to my problem if anyone encounter it. So i instaled the mod with CKAN rather than manualy and now it spawn stuff fine. Don't really now what changed tho, i looked the ckan files for the mod and the one gived on github but they seems to be exactly the same. Anyway thanks for the answer and for keeping those great mods alive !
  2. I tried with other ship with the the same root part and also tried to spawn just a 1 part ship to test but its the same.
  3. hello there, got a little problem with the mod, when i try to spawn a vessel he always appears stuck on the ground like this: I can't switch to the vessel because it says it's moving and it make the game really laggy too. I tried on different save, on different launchpad and with different vessel but it's always the same. I tried to remove all the mods i got and with different version of the mod but nothing change. Any idea what can cause this ?