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  1. Issue with Modular Launch Pads and CryoTanks (with solution) I have both Modular Launch Pads (version 2.1.1) and CryoTanks (version 1.5.5) installed, and get spammed with NullReferenceExceptions in the log file whenever I select the "Static Test Stand - Engine Type" in the VAB (and the VAB editor slows down to be nearly unusable). Investigating the problem showed that CryoTanks/Patches/CryoTanksFuelTankSwitcher.cfg from CryoTanks added duplicate ModuleCryoTank nodes (for cryo tank boiloff properties) to the config which seemed to cause the error. In case anyone else stumbles o
  2. Just had the same happen to my install trying to update from UBEE_1101_56. What fixed it for me was deinstalling ModularFlightIntegrator (which comes bundled with recent Kopernicus-BE versions, and is marked as conflicting in the CKAN metadata), then installing Kopernicus-BE UBEE_1101_58 , and finally reinstalling everything else that depended on ModularFlightIntegrator (FAR and B9 procedural wings in my case). @R-T-B: Did you change ModularFlightIntegrator handling recently? I'm not sure, but I think MFI was not bundled in earlier version of Kopernicus-BE but a dependency of Kopernicus-B
  3. The BE version is on CKAN as well, you just have to enable the "Kopernicus_BE" repository: Go to "Settings/CKAN Settings", select "New" in the "Metadata Repositories" section, then pick the "Kopernicus_BE" repo from the list of officially supported metadata repos.
  4. Looks like the beta fixes the problem - no dying kerbals yet after 20 EVA/boarding cycles on my modded game. Thank you very much!
  5. Bug: Civilian Population sometimes kills kerbals on boarding vessels from EVA. I have been playing a career game in 1.10.1 (quite heavily modded, and running on Linux) and had my kerbals simply disappear when boarding a vessel from EVA. The kerbals show up as "Killed in Action" in the astronaut complex. I could reproduce the issue with Civilian Population alone (version 3.0.1, installed through CKAN), but not every time when boarding from EVA (as with my heavily modded game). For my demonstration session (logfile), I had to go on EVA and board again 16 times until the bug hit.
  6. Simply extract the "eveshaders.bundle" from the 1.10.1-1 zip archive and copy it to GameData/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements/eveshaders.bundle ... Edit: Ah, I see now - there is only source for 1.10.1-1 on Github, and no distribution file. If you're using CKAN,: You'll probably still have the older version around in cache (path can be set in CKAN, default is $HOME/Downlads/CKAN), and if not, you can download older versions from CKAN.
  7. I just did an experiment @BIOZ proposed: Ran the 1.10.1-2 DLLs with the eveshaders.bundle from 1.10.1-1, and vice versa. Result: Shaders from 1.10.1-1 are OK even with the 1.10.1-2 DLLs, and 1.10.1-2 shaders are broken with the 1.10.1-1 DLLs as well. Looks like it is indeed a problem with the shaders.
  8. There seems to be a regression with 1.10.1-2 on Linux (or at least on my installation): Bodies with atmosphere are rendered as pink blobs (see image). This happens pretty much everywhere: In the map view, in the tracking station, and even in the flight view if you zoom out far enough. KSP.log for the session where I did the screenshot is at https://gist.github.com/rkunze/a21ee512e555e9cb5c2cb30433845703. Version 1.10.1-1 is fine.
  9. @OhioBob: Ovoks orbit already gets changed out of all recognition by shifting it from just outside Sarnus' rings to out beyond Tekto In original OPM, Ovoks semimajor axis is just 12169413 (notice the missing zero at the end). What I did was keeping its Orbit as close as possible to the one from "Planet Patches for Principa" (or, to be honest, just fiddling around with the values until I happened on an orbit for Ovok which should stay stable for long enough to be playable - I didn't bother to actually calculate the orbit). PS: If you shift Ovok out to a semimajor axis of 121694130, b
  10. "Planet Patches for Principa" didn't work for my setup (KSP 1.8.1 with Principia Fuchs and OPM 2.2.6). The Jool system was unstable (with an apocalypse at Laythe a couple of days in), and the Sarnus system was unstable as well (apocalypse at Ovok some 30-40 years in). What did work for me was this hack based on the OPM patch from "Planet Patches for Principa" and this Jool system stability patch by @eggrobin: @Kopernicus:AFTER[Principia]:NEEDS[OPM] { @Body[Ovok] { @Orbit { @inclination = 181.5 @semiMajorAxis = 121694130 } } @Body[Vall] { @Or
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