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  1. I already got another 4gb ram and do yo know will installing ksp 1.9.1 will that do skmething to already installed .1.10.1? I wonna get rss/ro/rp
  2. As ksp is not lagging but when launching rocket to minimus little lag but Eeloo lag i ls killing my pc if i use mods lots of lag but i can't live wwithout mods My proccessor (cpu ) is 50% 45% usage but physical memory is 99% with mods without just expansions breaking ground and making history 97% 98% my CPU is dual core amd old one and not sooo powerful ram is 4gb noGPU soo what will be good gpu to buy budget 100$/150$ Pr get ram card
  3. Final downloaded 1.10 rss works on 1.8 i really regret getting 1.10 i bought it and expansions can get it any time but too lazyto downgrade but upgrade yes lol wtw
  4. Too late i already downloading all 3 (construction time scrapyard and hyperedit) this mod is honna save me i already bug crashing my ship 287 time (i have counted or more )
  5. I wonna do real reusability rocket stages but this ia cheat? Sorry i am gonna use cheats im alerdy good but it will be nice like refuling really
  6. B WHAAAAAAAAAAT! I am playing this game for 8 months i did not even noticed foe 1.7.3 but there ia !.10 .....
  7. Waiiiiit 1.10 IS NEW GAME VERSION!!!! Wow how long i wax with out internet ???
  8. Yes and after i switch scene about 4 tims with kk unchers pack mos game will juat shutdoqn or crash every time! I added ship files i douvle click to load them it will say parts missing on falcon 9 it says some lqndinv leg missing and only lwg here is gray and its not working its just when extended it sits on engines ia it to game version?? Ill try get 1.9.1
  9. i have question is it ok if i just scale rockets parts. and engines power up in cfg for rss?? 2. there is black ocweb.. dunno. black interstage and landing legs *black* but when i download install open ksp there is no black interstage or legs or etc. only white did i missed something? and when landing rocket is still white but other people do landing it gets like this pic am i missing something or just wrong downloading? KSP1.2.2 actualy its not bad i was typing in dark and cant say keyboard i do it right now soo yes bad 13 looool (14)
  10. he for some reason when you look at pictures of this mod they are not same i downloaded mod and literaly olmost non of that pictures texture was on rockets almost noni was confused i think did i miss something or what I maybe found problem i was using 6.2 from Ckan but i tryed to redownload it says 6.4 ill see maybe that the problem lol edit: its saem for some reason when i add RSS-RO and theyer mods when i launch Falcon 9 FT it uses 4x more fuel whole FT main tank empty in 15 seconds an upper for some reason but same engine power it says same amount of fuel usage but uses lot more than says what?
  11. i have never ever eveeeeeeer made or programed anything but got lot of ideas lol
  12. wait what is difrence between BFR ITS and StarShip? if you wonna do Fh separate them when they are low on fuel to have enough to landing on othe rmods i always left 2500 units of fuel now on this mod im not sure im now launching ksp to see
  13. there was multiple glitches or it is just me? for 1 for some reason when i launch Falcon 9 FT (by me not by loading from winrar) for some reason 30 sec in flight it starts to going sideways i try to control it but hard and he always flips around every time 2. i tried landing but for some reason my orbit and drone ship was correct out of nowhere my orbit was from this vertical landing orbit for some reason it turned horizontal from going down to going forward and i didn't stop i litarely left kerbin and kerbal system i will try now reinstalling and adding RSS-RO and i think where was more glitches if they continues i dunno see ya in 20 mins lol edit i ran with RSS/RO took me 6 hours... glitch 1 it was fairing doing that i removed fairing and satelite was still there and i launched and landed normaly but didng get to orbit cuz too smal for RSS other glitch i forgot to tuern off the MechJeb2 but i cannot explain how did orbit soo fast went from horisontal to vertical...
  14. Lol i downloaded RSS/RO lets see how my pc works probably will die or just work lol
  15. Do RO Works on ksp version? I use ckan and it says not compatible with 1.1?