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  1. It's a pretty old machine to be honest! I don't think you guys need all that much tissue. I somehow doubt you're all struggling with 486s and 16MB of RAM....
  2. Hmm.. that's strange. I don't get that menu if I right mouse click over a part. I am on 1.9.1 However, I can seem to move the viewpoint a bit by holding down the mousewheel as a button and moving the mouse. Thanks for that!
  3. When you say "right click menu" what do you mean? If I right click, I get nothing.
  4. In the VAB I can pan up and down with the mouse wheel. But this doesn't work on the launch pad. How can I pan up and down there?
  5. Ok, I have installed recall from CKAN. Works now Thanks
  6. Ok, thanks. I just tried what you suggested and I am not really seeing any glitchiness even with big craft. So i think I must have had something else running last time. Thanks anyway.
  7. Can anyone tell me if I need to worry about this message on starting KSP? Here's what I've done: 1. installed 1.8.1 2. installed the mods needed for pmborg's Saturn V (here) 3. upgraded to 1.9.1
  8. I was wondering about which are the hungriest settings too. I have an i7 CPU with 32GB RAM on board and a Nvidia GeForce Titan X (12GB) graphics card. I am running it at 1920x1080 and it's a little laggy. Are there some settings I should lower first before I choose a lower screen res? Thanks
  9. wow! that's great. Learned all sorts of things there (like you can type a delta V into the maneuver gizmo! and that you can switch focus to Mun). Thanks. I do find it annoying that KSP doesn't just have a pan feature like most games do. The view always has to be centred on something, so it can be really annoying to get the view you need. One question.. what does set Mun as target add to the process? I've not used that before, I just use the maneuver node. All set Mun as target seems to do is draw a yellow diameter across your orbit for some reason. How does that help?
  10. Oh is that what the purple line is? Right.. I'll try that.
  11. When I create a maneuver node to get to Mun, I first pull on the prograde handle to get the apoapsis height up to the Munar orbit height, then I rotate the node until I get an encounter (which I think is the little brown circle with the hooked arrow in). But as you see from this video, there is a range of angles which will give me an encounter. As I rotate the node, the Munar encounter point moves around (plus a whole load of extra coloured lines annoyingly appear to confuse me!). So my question is, where should I be trying to get my Munar encounter point to be? Or in other words, when should I stop rotating the node? Where is the right place?
  12. Joe, It's difficult but not too difficult to be enjoyable. You need some difficulty for it to be a challenge. I've been at it a month and feel I am making decent progress. It's also difficult because it's based on the actual physics of spaceflight (rather than some simplistic arcade game). And there are some things about the physics of spaceflight that can seem a bit odd if you've spent a while living on the Earth ;-)