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  1. Dres having an atmoshpere would be great and would really help to differentiate Dres from the Mun and stop it from being just a generic looking rocky planet, although that new terrain and snow already does a lot of that for me, it's the first time I've actually wanted to check out the surface of Dres and not just ignore it after I went to Duna.
  2. Firstly woah, and secondly... but how can you model something that doesn't exist? Edit: Just wanted to say what an amazing job Sung Campbell has done on this, it legit looks like a real life model being hung up, I can't wait to explore these amazing planets!
  3. I quite like the art style actually! I think it looks alright, and we haven't got to interact with it so we might not be able to see the positive or negative effects of having this UI. I also quite like the amount of space, I like looking at my craft and the scenary and planets around them. As for the digital clock fonts, they do look a bit too blocky and hard to read, might be a bit of a pain in emergencies, like keeping an eye on sea level indicators when flying low in a plane!
  4. I wonder how base building will work? Maybe we could build our own custom habitats like a house looking one and then save it as a sub assembly and use it in future colonies - or maybe we will only be able to use specific buildings given to us? Hopefully we could do both!
  5. Good point on procedural fuel types, with all the new engine types it might become a necessity like you said, and your right about the Simple Rockets point, I love the charm of KSP being a bit messy like you said, and I think that mess is what enables such cool builds and missions!
  6. Its a cool idea but I quite like having specific, non customisable engines, I like the idea of the size and length adjustment of a tank, although I'm not sure about changing fuel types. It feels like it's crossing over into Simple Rockets territory, and I didn't enjoy that game as much as KSP. Whatever the devs do, I'm sure it they can put it into the game in a good way and I wasn't so sure about the terrain before I saw this video and realised how well they pulled it off! Edit: also I think procedural engines and fuel types might take away from some of that Kerbal charm, although I'm no OG and only started about a year ago so I'm sure I'm not nearly as familiar with Kerbal as other people.
  7. Yeah procedural wings would be great, but I think if we get procedural wings and they get rid of control surfaces and replace them with the way simple planes does it, then it might ruin some of the challenge and fun of building wings. Although procedural wings and procedural control surfaces that can still be placed anywhere would be awesome and keep the challenges of making recreations, while making it a lot less janky. Also, there is a category for "Small" so at least we might be able to get some very small wings, which would still be cool for recreations and allow for more specific shapes and styles of wings!
  8. Those huge space stations in the video look amazing, can't wait to make some oversized motherships!
  9. I've gone through 3 save files in a week from corrupted saves, but my main is to make a seaplane colony near Antarctica and recreating Project FICON might be fun!
  10. I made a B-29 and then the game glitched and deleted it, I started a new save and it hasn't happened again
  11. That looks awesome, also do you have any tips for recreations?
  12. This series is really good! Thanks for suggesting it : )
  13. Make two surface base on Kerbin then start a Cold War with automated weapons trying to kamikaze each base - but get a friend to control the other base and then we can do some real conflict