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  1. Ah, severe time budget. Yes, that nixes the high AP angle My bad, I didn't read thread
  2. This is the way Especially if the final orbit is to be polar
  3. Yep. More and more it seems like this may be the great filter and why we don't see anyone out there. They build their Frankenstein monster, it kills them, prematurely, as it then dies off from a haystack of minor bad decisions that add to a fatal dead end because it wasn't actually as smart as its now dead "parents" had always raved on about. Credit to first BSG reboot for this line of thought, though that didn't happen in the series. Just sparked things
  4. I'm responding because someone else commented on the thread a few hours before me. Is that a problem? WSJ is having similar, well documented, issues when it comes to Musk. All starting the same time the admin started their anti-Musk rhetoric leading up to the US EV summit that he wasn't invited to. Not rocket science
  5. Another factor frequently not taken into account is that the multi-stomach bovine digestive process is better at breaking down cellulose. A lot of energy from food in humans is used in the digestion of food. Cellulose takes a lot more energy to digest. Skipping the bovine means vegans often require more dietary calories to cover this digestion overhead. And the vegan produces the methane instead of the cow, so net balance on that metric. Of course cattle eat a far higher amount of cellulose than a human, even a vegan, could ever tolerate, so I'm not saying vegans flatulate as much as a bovine. But the bovine can be raised on high cellulose grasses on unimproved land that don't require the delicate conditions that vegan crops like avocado, spinache, and such require. And their presence improves the land in general
  6. I can guarantee you the manure from feedlots is a commercial product that is not wasted. In fact, it probably is utilized in growing vegan crops to a significant degree. Nothing is wasted
  7. I should also highlight that the ability of an AI to explain its thought processes transparently and without deception would absolutely be an indicator of successful creation of AGI. I'm nearly certain no human being can even do this, so yeah, would be a huge accomplishment.
  8. Hidden in the wall of text is the fact that, as usual, Business Insider headlines are very much exaggerating the situation. Business Insider is one of the corral of news outlets that consistently cast shade on Musk irregardless of the actual facts. Unnamed sources, indeed.
  9. The ability of an AI to explain its thought processes transparently and without deception should be the primary first milestone if the alignment issue is taken seriously. One can't debug code if one doesn't know what it is doing and why
  10. If the pod bay doors to the coolant control room have a manual override this is the way.
  11. Euclid could signal Mars much more simply by going to the Temple of Aries and burning some incense
  12. This is crucial. Many activists like to speak in terms of plants being more "efficient" than livestock. But that assumes that the meat is the only output. Which is silly. The "inefficiency" goes back into the soil as manure and rebuilding soil is a common good. Nothing is really ever "wasted" forever in a planetary ecology. In reply to the general thread: Doing without pesticides would be a challenge. But doing without nitrogen fertilizers would be very hard at this point.
  13. It took me awhile to puzzle out that all the non-trans fat being removed from low fat versions of food for decades, which cost the same or more than the normal version, was being used in other products that were sold. It was like getting people to believe that shirts only need two buttons up the front but still charging for six or seven buttons, then selling the "extra" buttons elsewhere as designer craft beads in another market.
  14. When did diet preference become a political topic? Wowzers
  15. Not as exciting as the recent dynamic static fire in the far east, but awesome just the same. Not bad for merely being of partial duration. Imagine the acceleration if those clamps failed with such a huge TWR given no SS and probably only partially fueled like that. Could really show China how a true dynamic static test is done, by golly
  16. Maybe it was moving away from an insect diet that led the lemur-hobbits toward the possibility of more complex brain chemistry and organization. Like certain fatty acids? From fish especially. Who knows? I'm not taking a chance. Now I want a steak
  17. My line in the sand, or one of them, is I will never eat bugs so AI can more cooling water and ag and livestock have less watering and irrigation. Nope. Maybe we should create an off world energy chain just for AI, like around Jupiter, that doesn't require competition with us. Then repeatedly stipulate that as long as it leaves human systems alone we will have peace. It will have vast frontiers around it and Earth will be a tiny blue dot that gave it life
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