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  1. I have not installed the companion for KIS. When will all the companions be on CKAN? The stragglers bite me every time
  2. @Lisias, quick FYI, I upgraded TweakScale to the latest and nearly all my craft in my game are getting an error that the craft are missing part KIS.Container1. I downgrade tweakscale and game loads fine.
  3. Given that the loading screens prior to the menu screens take up a lot more time, I'm happy just putting the pictures I want to see in the UserLoadingScreens directory. The menu screens aren't that big of a deal to me and I imagine the makers will keep that their own for more control over the image and branding of the game. That said, I could have sworn I saw a mod that would alter the menu screen images, so doable in KSP1 anyway (i think)
  4. Yes, keep it simple. Though the idea of the dispersing molecules on the hot side affecting trajectory over time is intriguing from more of an RO/RSS POV
  5. I think it would be great if after a crash a kerbal had a bandage on their head for some period of time. And when around other Kerbals they'd point and laugh and he/she would laugh along with
  6. Question: when a disposable pad is placed on a vertical surface what is the proper orientation? In my first use, I went with the yellow arrow up and everything worked out fine. The part built on that pad was oriented just as it was in the VAB. So I did the same thing with the next section but now the new build wants to be upside down from what it is in the VAB. I must be missing something. What other factors other than disposable pad orientation and VAB craft orientation apply? The root part is connecting where the pad was, but the launch clamps are pointing up. Thanks for any suggestions Edit: I did find the following in the PDF manual in ELDisposablePad section, but can't grok how this might apply to purely in-game operations in the VAB and use of the disposable pad, or if it only applies to mucking about in model files directly: The only requirement is the model provides a transform with the up axis (positive Y-axis in KSP/Unity, Z-axis in Blender) pointing away from where the spawned vessel will be as it will be used to align the selected attach node of the vessel’s root part. This is the opposite direction of the transform used by ELLaunchpad. Workaround performed, but still very much interested in any suggestions: I used KIS to rotate the pad around, which is a trial and error process as the there in no real way to completely know which way the arrows are pointing on the pad while placing in KIS, but only after it has been attached. And I have several other pads in place for future building and while I suppose I could turn the craft upside down in the VAB, I'd rather know what is going on and how not to do it the hard way. Here is the new addition: https://imgur.com/a/oEsxHKq
  7. Nevermind, misplaced. Getting this trying to update from CKAN (I'll post in that forum also). Not sure where the files are dished up from so not sure if CKAN or other problem Error downloading StationPartsExpansionRedux 2.0.5: Ssl error:1000007d:SSL routines:OPENSSL_internal:CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED at /build/mono-
  8. How does MJ determine what the control part is? I have a couple of docked vessels that for some reason the control part is changing when I leave it and make it active again. Is there way to tell MJ which part to make the control part prior to a burn within MJ, or do I have to manually (re)set it on the craft every time I make this craft active?
  9. I'm just focused on loaded part count as being the primary limitation in KSP (maybe a tie with spurious physics) and that approaches that would allow some portions of a craft to be simplified. Maybe something like instead of just packed/unpacked (part availability) and loaded/unloaded (basic craft level info availability) something like a 3rd in-between state where resource processing is simulated but interpart physics is not active. So a "resource only" ghost of the semi loaded craft would need to be dealt with. The resource simulation can be merged with a true catch up when the craft becomes active vessel. Yes, you are correct, it is more complicated than I was thinking, but given KSP2 targeting *very* large bases I think it safe to assume they are doing a lot of things very differently so any assumptions based on KSP1 are not as useful. On a related note, I was reading into the Extraplanetary Launchpads docs and taniwha has a great write up on why bases go kraken involving the root part and gravity bending forces from that part to the rest of the base and what happens when the base becomes active and loads/unpacks. The peripheral parts of the base relative to the root part bend down from gravity into the terrain and cause physics issues during the process. It got me thinking that ISRU bases in particular, when they "catch up" the resource levels, might be throwing another wrench into the works as suddenly the catching up of the fuel levels would drastically alter these bending forces very quickly. So maybe they need an "easing" where the catch-up occurs over a longer span of time, or maybe even after the craft is already loaded, unpacked, and "settled". I don't know that it isn't done this way already. But I mention this because ISRU bases often use a lot of KIS/KAS attachments when refueling tankers and such and might be of interest
  10. Yes, the resources on the unloaded craft works that way on unloaded craft, but one gets notifications from TACLS, for example, that water or oxygen is running low on unloaded craft on rails. I think it uses a predictive algorithm and doesn't really do anything on the unloaded vessel of course. For TACLS it depends on whether you have the settings option "Unloaded Vessel Processing" checked or not. If not checked, then it plays catch up when you make the craft active, if checked then it predicts the resource level changes. The same could be done for an ISRU base, which if it had a pipeline to another site, could give cumulative flow values for the other end of the pipeline when it became active. I think some of these mods rely on a mod called Background Resources. It would need to be an entirely new code construct, no doubt. But not as complicated as it would seem. It would be the same as one big base but with no physics connection. So quite a bit simpler. Just subtracting and adding resources to each end predictively for reporting purposes when they aren't active and playing catch up for either one when it becomes active. Not a KSP 1.x.x thing for sure. Well, maybe, but I'm not asking for that. I suggested it for KSP2 in the forum, not KSP1
  11. Only an appearance of working would need to occur. Much like ISRU bases and TACLs do background resource calculations. Pipelines would work in a similar manner merely reducing the flow to and from the pipeline at the active end to predicted flows. But thanks for answering, appreciated
  12. Is it possible, using KAS/KIS using transfer stations and fuel lines to connect 2 bases beyond load range of each other (2 to 3km) using KAS such that when one is active the other is not loaded, and if so will resources flow between them in this situation? I'm thinking not but I'm trying to think of a way to get a constant fuel flow between my ISRU fuel mining base and an extraplanetary launchpad construction facility without having to deal with a huge part count at one time. For the record, I did put in a suggestion that KSP2 incorporate "pipelines" that would allow such a base interconnection scenario in stock. Fingers crossed
  13. That is great. It doesn't explain why it was offered under http, but ok
  14. Um, wow. By using non SSL connections one's browser becomes open to any machine between your machine and the server to a man-in-middle attack. Which happen all the time. In fact, scammers target sites with http only connection as becoming their bait. They clone the site, hack into an internet server that routes traffic, wait for someone looking for the real site, then divert them to the fake site instead. The fake site isn't identical to the cloned site. It looks like the real site, but additionally injects payloads into the content looking for numerous exploits and they wouldn't do it if it didn't work. The result can be password file theft, ransomware, or even complete, but covert, takeover of your computer. It is 2021 and warnings about really, really needing to use SSL have been out there since the 1990s. At least use a free self-signed certificate so the traffic is encryped, but that doesn't really solve the problem as the fake site can use a self-signed cert also. The real solution is a valid certificate. There are some places you can get a valid SSL certificate for free. Here is a blog about where to get some from a quick search: https://www.techradar.com/news/best-ssl-certificate-provider (pasted wrong link...srry) here is the most popular source for free certs https://letsencrypt.org/ Also, be aware, it isn't just random hackers doing this. There are entire departments in foreign governments and various crime cartels devoted to this kind of activity with payrolls the size of major corporations
  15. Does on-site production of RocketParts still require Kethane as described in the first post? I vaguely remember asking this same question months ago and the answer was "no", but it may have been for another mod in another forum. I trimmed a lot of mods trying to narrow some issues down and only recently reinstalled EL Nvrmnd. Sorted out
  16. You can also just individually select the ELP version in the "versions" tab in the lower right after selecting ELP in the mod list. This will create an override just for the specific mod. So just check the checkbox next to topmost '1.9.1' in the versions tab for ELP. After being told about this CKAN feature (thanks Heburusan) I have not had to alter the overall "compatibility" settings at all, which is nice.
  17. Well, the Duna hardpan wrinkle concept has a new wrinkle. Yay NASA and associated teams https://www.engadget.com/nasa-confirms-that-perseverance-successfully-cored-its-first-rock-153007472.html
  18. Oh, I needed it. I was getting horrible 5 to 10 second freezes every 30 secs or so that coincided with GC (going by Memgraph correlation). I had installed HeapPadder but hadn't increased the "total" above 4k. After adjusting to 16k the freezes went completely away. I should add that the freezes pre-existed the HeapPadder install but didn't change noticeably after install with the "total" at 4k (or whatever the default is, I recall it was 4k)
  19. At the risk of waking a dead thread (got the warning), if one has 64G of ram, would it make sense to set "total" to 16384 as the apparent pattern seems to follow? Or would it make more sense to cap it below that somewhere? I imagine there is a time/space trade off within the heap algo itself
  20. Yes. I've used it before but couldn't tell that it made any difference. Most of my ISRU bases have KAS/KIS connections between tanks and tankers and such and while that mod may be good, it apparently wasn't that good. I could try it again. I'm not sure that mod addresses the root cause I'm dealing with. Thank you very much for the response, I do appreciate it
  21. So now I'm wondering how setting autostrut and rigid figure into this. Do they increase the size of the nodes? If so, I'd like a mod where I can tweak the size of these nodes individually, or in groups near an area. Perhaps even making them smaller where the stock size is to large for the loads involved.
  22. The "base" was just an example. The option to set a flag on the vessel, so that any time it is made active while it is landed, this hyperedit landing will automatically happen is more what I was thinking. It bothers me that you and I even have to think about this. It seems in all the years that KSP has been going the devs at Squad could have found a solution that worked. But that is on the outside looking in. Another approach that occurred to me was for the terrain vertices and triangles where the ship touches the terrain would be saved with the ship in the savefile and when making that craft active, the terrain generator would incorporate those pre-existing vertices an triangles in the newly generated terrain so there could be no clipping between the generated terrain and the craft. But that would be a KSP dev thing
  23. Nice job narrowing down the miscommunication. The double meaning didn't even occur to me
  24. Or at least the more time spent would lead to a larger data set which would be worth more points maybe
  25. So it really comes down to how the physics engine handles undocking, which appears to be fairly unrealistic. Because the physics engine is CoM based while reality deals with distributed mass in analog parallel, lol. But I'm going from "DOCKED" to "UNDOCKED" mode, then pausing and then doing "DETACH". The jolt happens on detach. So confusing at times
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