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  1. You should definitely go for 100% as you get science points for the data, not just contract pay. You just need to collect and return it transmit the science from each scanner. You probably already knew this, but others reading may not have
  2. Another issue I've stumbled on is tweaking the orbit to get a good ground track and not noticing I've put one of the apses out of scanner range. The contracts typically state a percentage for the scan to meet the contract. I think 75% is standard as I can't recall seeing another value
  3. Yeah, I was just wondering. Visual only would be a doable in a mod I'd think. It doesn't have to be integral to the game
  4. Visuals only would just be a matter of GPU mostly. Actual weather is so hard to model well. Just look at how quickly weather forecast accuracy falls off. Maybe a central simulation super computer with only rough sim results being consumed by the client game. Or even leverage existing Earth historical weather data to inform Kerbin weather as a hack; no sim required.
  5. It takes time. 75% was likely enough to fulfill a contract but it could take awhile to complete. If your orbit is not polar enough or your orbital period is cursed with respect to the day/night period (for daytime scans) or your batteries don't last through the shadow (for scans that work on dark side) it may never reach 100%
  6. Total agreement. I found the tl;dr nugget within and quoted above. Well said
  7. I really don't need to waste the brain space with that fact, which is why I did not know that. Patience and having a life rate higher
  8. Better late than never, correct? Perhaps @JoeSchmuckatelliwill check in?
  9. Only 6 days, 23 hours, 55 minutes until next Friday window closes with a whimper. Or does it? Maybe, just maybe, next Friday is The One where we get 45 seconds more of cryptic hints! Wheeeeee! Hype! In the meantime, I will try to remain calm
  10. Adjust the jetpack thrust limiter down in the kerbal r-click menu on EVA to get all the precision you desire
  11. I, for one, would find it useful to display the periapsis of each patch in the orbit info and when hovering over the patch in the graphic. Maybe display periapsis in RED if in atmosphere Periapsis = ( -semi_major_axis * (e - 1) ) - body_radius. I think that works fine with elliptical or hyperbolic eccentricity. Atmospheric height and other body info (radius, etc) might be nice also when hovering over bodies.
  12. I haven't encountered it again, so it was probably some combination of params. I have found that having the eventual target altitude in atmosphere and not having "No insertion burn checked" seems to cause a hang when clicking "Search Trajectories". Not sure, but I could see wanting to do an insertion burn while aerobraking might seem mutually exclusive to many ppl (I do it as a hedge, but can live with having "No insertion burn" set). I am having way too much fun with this. Thanks!
  13. A hybrid approach might be nice. Like a built in hot key a user can press when an error occurs that would gather logs, screenshot, etc, and put them in a named subdir or similar. Maybe even a mechanism that would trigger the hot key code upon certain conditions (same exception repeated N times... idk, guessing). Then the player could nav to the bug reporting site and simply upload/attach the directory contents with the bug report. Additionally, bot software could scan the uploaded bug report files doing factor analysis based on OS, mods installed, versions, errors in logs etc and possibly give mod devs advance notice of a developing issue as well as new incompatibilities between mods etc
  14. There is almost certainly a way to install BDB then delete the files for parts you don't need. It wouldn't be simple but probably not even a little difficult either. The trick would be finding out which files you need and then carefully only deleting the ones not needed. Asking in the BDB forum about a wet workshop only install would be a good start
  15. I think it is related to unix timestamp epoch date, or date 0. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2390463/what-happened-on-dec-31-1969-at-700-pm
  16. This is very cool. Where to you want bugs reported? Here? A git repo? Just a quick description: Oberth enabled, Minmus to Duna; Kerbin Oberth while listed in correct order has a UT prior to Minmus burn imgur is apparently being DOS'd or something else I'd post a screen shot link Another image hoster...
  17. To be clear, the concept I was posting was using tug engines as "retrograde" engines for the main craft, not as attitude engines. Using the tug engines would make having to reverse the attitude of the craft unnecessary for retrograde burns. It works fairly well depending on TWR of tug engines used to brake main craft etc
  18. I think this nails it. I don't think that @PDCWolfconcern's shouldn't be expressed. But I truly question what he thinks most of the people reading these forums is supposed to do about his concerns. Anyone who can do anything about his concerns have already been made aware of them by now and the rest of us can't do anything so it just gets really annoying to keep reading the same demands that seem to be directed at the wrong people. Unless he is demanding that we be as outraged as he is in which case he will be sorely disappointed in me because I simply do not see what he is seeing as a concern and no amount of demanding will change that
  19. I like it overall. Though the 4 Clamp-o-tron Jr dock ports are so tucked-in and hard to access I think they could be relocated or left out. Looks good though and fitting the fairing is a bonus
  20. I guess it depends on how patient you are with long braking burns. Small tugs can work with a lot of thumb twiddling and boredom on very large craft. Of course sometimes patience isn't the issue, but accuracy. A long burn centered at a hyperbolic periapsis for capture can be so long that the periapsis drops way too low during the burn; I get that
  21. You did voice them. Now there is nothing else you can do unless you create your own game. Patience
  22. Exactly. I am philosophically adjusted to continue playing KSP current if KSP2 just doesn't ring my bell. Take Two or whoever doesn't owe me a dang thing. Sure, I'll be thrilled if KSP2 blows my mind and will gladly drop $$$ on it and all DLCs (probably if prior behavior of mine is to be a guide) if it does blow my mind, but I learned a long time ago to not hinge all my hopes of happiness on something I have no control over. On that path lies madness
  23. Nomination for post of the month or whatever...haha
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