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  1. Hi. I am using this with RSS/RP-1. In the tech tree it shows that it requires mono propellant. Is this correct? I thought it would only require EC.
  2. @linuxgurugamer The previous versions wasn't working with RSS/RO. Mostly PVG Mechjeb is working for initial orbit but I do miss simplicity of this mod. Do you have any idea if this is working with RSS/RO or do you plan to add it? Thanks
  3. @jCoiley I am trying this mod in the new RSS/RO/RP-1 to repeat some historical missions. I think i was able to edit the Subassemblies .cfg with out a problem but cant add vehicles to KLV somehow. I am not sure about why its not working.
  4. I just tested it and it works without a problem for me at least on 1.10 @nicklit. Thanks for the update [email protected]
  5. @linuxgurugamer yes it is only for 1.10. I can confirm it is for the last part that staged. Also i just checked your new version in CKAN and it didn't add the SpaceTuxLibrary as a a dependency. I will try new version in game and let you know for updated result thanks a lot for the support.
  6. Yep you need to put it in Game Data @Avera9eJoe sorry for disturbing again but if i install Planet shine via CKAN it still asks either Spectra or Default config since you removed it in the last update i choose default config which comes with Planet Shine. If spectra config isn't needed anymore it can cause some miss installations via CKAN.
  7. Maybe a dump question but with the new release of Spectra, While using it with Planet shine should use stock config for planet shine or should i copy paste from old updates configs of Spectra. @Kerminator1000 Also is there a way to use Spectra without texture replacer ----- As i know texture replacer is a dependency for skybox but @Avera9eJoe can answer better on that. Stock Visual Enhancements ----- Is it still updated i guess that mod is obsolete.
  8. yea to be honest i used it for OPM it was working fine but maybe there are some bugs i didn't notice. Of course its better to wait for the update.
  9. I think there is a working Kopernicus for 1.9.1 if you want to
  10. Is there anyone also having problems with the new update? When I compute stages it doesn't use parachutes and i cant put the parachutes back to staging manually. when i don't use parachutes it does the same thing for a decoupler.
  11. Yep @Avera9eJoe that what i was trying to explain above. I guess same thing also for Playlist folder (Playlist.cfg).
  12. @Morphisor and @nightingale thanks for the update. I was having same problem for EpicSpace Program just tested it. It works fine with new update.
  13. @TranceaddicT were you able to find a fix for this log. I am also trying to figure out by editind configs.
  14. Maybe you can take a look at I didn't fully explore it myself but might be what you are looking for.
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