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  1. First, use a scientist, and then take the date from the ESU. Have the scientist fly over to the other ship, and board the command pod. then you can transfer him back using the transfer crew button.
  2. Hey, what is we use some kind of glitch device to glitch Dres and make it disappear! that would be good.
  3. YEs, it's awesome. I propose not using seperatons cuz most people who do this use lots of that.
  4. Take a look at my own submission: There is no launcher yet, but it's tiny and good. You can see it on KerbalX: https://kerbalx.com/cant_think_of_a_username/Kerbins-super-small-relay
  5. Have you seem Jeb riding on a single fuel tank to Eve? yea, it's awesome. BUT WHAT IS THE USE IN THAT!!??? (making youtube videos?) WE NEED TO MAKE SOMETHING SMALL AND USEFUL! We need to make the Kerbin's smallest relay EVER! Then sent it to the Mun! I wonder how many people can do this. So, letme set some rules: *DO NOT READ THE RULES IF YOU WANT TO VIOLATE THEM!* (don't violate rules, read it) those are the rules. If you want some extra challenges, see below. BUILD SOME KIND OF ROCKET THAT IS ALSO VERY LIGHT AND TINY TO SEND DA PROBE TO MUN ORBIT. (also, establish an working relay system if possible) Make sure to put your weight in tons in your submissions!
  6. if you really want to push it, use MechJeb, it's super efficient. Only if that's allowed thought.
  7. I did have the same problem once. I was above 25 km as @dprostock said, but it still didn't work (I was in sandbox mode) So I gave up on mechjeb and left it on while I went for normal landing. then ;like 5 seconds into the deorbit burn, Mechjeb just randomly started working again. IDK if this helps, but it did for me. Maybe Mechjeb doesn't like the Mun . Works always on Minmus ,or even EVE,.
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