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  1. Launching straight up is pretty impressive and it works, but really it's just timing lol. Maybe getting a flyby like that and using KAL for inserting orbit would work.
  2. Background The Kal controller is a well known piece of KSP that can do simple automated tasks, such as controlling your robots, but it is much more. The Kal controller is a simple computer that can execute tasks based on time. With that in mind, it is possible to use a Kal controller to do control rockets... by itself, without human interfering. Today, we put that to test with this challenge. It's simple: make a Kal only controlled rocket that can go places. The Objective(s) Level 1: Take a fully automated rocket controlled by one or more kal controller to LKO (and back, if you want) Level 2: Level 1 + flyby a celestial body of your choice Level 3: Level 1 + orbit a celestial boy of your choice Level 4: Level 3 + land Level 5: Level 4+ get back to kerbin Rules for all levels: The rocket can only be controlled by Kal controller(s) once it takes off ^ Exception to number 1: you can use timewarp or start/edit Kal controller sequences in space (such as after warping), but you may not control the rocket directly anytime Mechjeb and Kos and automation mods are not allowed You must land/return in one piece (staging allowed, but don't crash please) No exploits... I guess... pretty obvious Otherwise just be creative For submissions, just post a video/screenshots and the KAL sequence if you want. And ofc the level you did Good luck
  3. No actually, if you check the kerbalx page... it uses KAL hack
  4. Hi fellow exploiters! Today I finally discovered the art of air-less jet engines! (sort of, it doesn't work in space thou...) And Now, presenting the aircraft with the best name ever.... No Air Jet!! https://kerbalx.com/cant_think_of_a_username/No-Air-Jet All the info for the aircraft is written on the Kerbalx link. If you take it out for a flight on Eve, Duna, or, best, JOOL, Please take a video or picture and post it here! I would love to see some useful applications of jets without air! (It would also be good if you can fix this plane's aerodynamic model, as it is very bad) And Last thing: I think I know why this works, as written on the Kerbalx page, but I am not really sure why it doesn't work in space. If any experts here know, please tell me, or tell me your theory. Best of luck, CTAU (Can't Think of A Username)
  5. Yes, but I was thinking about in stock, without mods
  6. Sooo... after some intense scanning of Eve via kerbnet, I found a spot where there IS an akatsuki lake biome, and you can get data from it! Below you can see the surface scanning module's data! However, this patch of akatsuki lake is not actually a "lake", it's the side of the crater below the actual "lake." The "lake" is still a foothills biome. Sooo basically, akatsuki lake does exist, but it in the wrong places. Also it isn't a few pixels wide. I can drive around it quite a bit.
  7. Sooo Akatsuki lake is supposed to be a biome on Eve, but it isn't, but it is???? On https://kerbal-maps.finitemonkeys.org/ it is displayed as a separate biome, but I heard that in game it doesn't show it as a separate biome (it says foothills). Now I am just really confused. Can someone explain what the heck is this lake? Some links of maps that provide some interesting evidence (use biome mode) A tiny bit supposed to be Akatsuki lake: https://kerbal-maps.finitemonkeys.org/?body=Eve&loc=35.113310220547817,108.54618043543216,Pin A big chunk supposed to be Akatsuki lake: https://kerbal-maps.finitemonkeys.org/?body=Eve&loc=49.255056,100.00258,Pin In the same way, Craters biome is also very cursed. This crater and a few around it are supposed to be Crater: https://kerbal-maps.finitemonkeys.org/?body=Eve&loc=-18.38459, 147.705002,Pin Final question: [Without mods] Can you actually collect data from these biomes or at least be physically at them?
  8. First, use a scientist, and then take the date from the ESU. Have the scientist fly over to the other ship, and board the command pod. then you can transfer him back using the transfer crew button.
  9. Hey, what is we use some kind of glitch device to glitch Dres and make it disappear! that would be good.
  10. YEs, it's awesome. I propose not using seperatons cuz most people who do this use lots of that.
  11. Take a look at my own submission: There is no launcher yet, but it's tiny and good. You can see it on KerbalX: https://kerbalx.com/cant_think_of_a_username/Kerbins-super-small-relay
  12. Have you seem Jeb riding on a single fuel tank to Eve? yea, it's awesome. BUT WHAT IS THE USE IN THAT!!??? (making youtube videos?) WE NEED TO MAKE SOMETHING SMALL AND USEFUL! We need to make the Kerbin's smallest relay EVER! Then sent it to the Mun! I wonder how many people can do this. So, letme set some rules: *DO NOT READ THE RULES IF YOU WANT TO VIOLATE THEM!* (don't violate rules, read it) those are the rules. If you want some extra challenges, see below. BUILD SOME KIND OF ROCKET THAT IS ALSO VERY LIGHT AND TINY TO SEND DA PROBE TO MUN ORBIT. (also, establish an working relay system if possible) Make sure to put your weight in tons in your submissions!
  13. if you really want to push it, use MechJeb, it's super efficient. Only if that's allowed thought.
  14. I did have the same problem once. I was above 25 km as @dprostock said, but it still didn't work (I was in sandbox mode) So I gave up on mechjeb and left it on while I went for normal landing. then ;like 5 seconds into the deorbit burn, Mechjeb just randomly started working again. IDK if this helps, but it did for me. Maybe Mechjeb doesn't like the Mun . Works always on Minmus ,or even EVE,.
  15. This has some problems in 1.10. Here's the loading log: [LOG 14:08:04.775] PartLoader: Compiling Internal Space 'CivilianPopulation-master/GameData/CivilianPopulation/Spaces/flightSchoolInternal/flightschoolinternal' [ERR 14:08:04.776] PartCompiler: Cannot clone model 'CivilianPopulation/Models/Utility/flightschoolinternal' as model does not exist [ERR 14:08:04.776] PartCompiler: Model was not compiled correctly [LOG 14:08:04.776] LoadInternalPart 'CivilianPopulation-master/GameData/CivilianPopulation/Spaces/flightSchoolInternal/flightschoolinternal' FAILED: Cannot find model [LOG 14:08:04.776] PartLoader: Compiling Internal Space 'CivilianPopulation-master/GameData/CivilianPopulation/Spaces/mediumPodInternals/mediumCivilianPodInternals' [ERR 14:08:04.778] PartCompiler: Cannot clone model 'CivilianPopulation/Models/Utility/mediumQuartersInternal' as model does not exist [ERR 14:08:04.778] PartCompiler: Model was not compiled correctly [LOG 14:08:04.778] LoadInternalPart 'CivilianPopulation-master/GameData/CivilianPopulation/Spaces/mediumPodInternals/mediumCivilianPodInternals' FAILED: Cannot find model [LOG 14:08:04.778] PartLoader: Compiling Internal Space 'CivilianPopulation-master/GameData/CivilianPopulation/Spaces/mediumQuartersInternal/mediumQuartersInternal' [ERR 14:08:04.779] PartCompiler: Cannot clone model 'CivilianPopulation/Models/Utility/mediumQuartersInternal' as model does not exist [ERR 14:08:04.779] PartCompiler: Model was not compiled correctly [LOG 14:08:04.779] LoadInternalPart 'CivilianPopulation-master/GameData/CivilianPopulation/Spaces/mediumQuartersInternal/mediumQuartersInternal' FAILED: Cannot find model [LOG 14:08:04.779] PartLoader: Compiling Internal Space 'CivilianPopulation-master/GameData/CivilianPopulation/Spaces/smallApartmentInternal/smallApartmentInternal' [ERR 14:08:04.780] PartCompiler: Cannot clone model 'CivilianPopulation/Models/Utility/surfaceAttachHouseSmallInternal' as model does not exist [ERR 14:08:04.780] PartCompiler: Model was not compiled correctly [LOG 14:08:04.780] LoadInternalPart 'CivilianPopulation-master/GameData/CivilianPopulation/Spaces/smallApartmentInternal/smallApartmentInternal' FAILED: Cannot find model [LOG 14:08:04.780] PartLoader: Compiling Internal Space 'CivilianPopulation-master/Source/assets/src/main/resources/Spaces/mediumQuartersInternal/mediumQuartersInternal' [ERR 14:08:04.781] PartCompiler: Cannot clone model 'CivilianPopulation/Models/Utility/mediumQuartersInternal' as model does not exist [ERR 14:08:04.781] PartCompiler: Model was not compiled correctly [LOG 14:08:04.781] LoadInternalPart 'CivilianPopulation-master/Source/assets/src/main/resources/Spaces/mediumQuartersInternal/mediumQuartersInternal' FAILED: Cannot find model [LOG 14:08:04.781] PartLoader: Compiling Internal Space 'CivilianPopulation-master/Source/assets/src/main/resources/Spaces/smallApartmentInternal/smallApartmentInternal' [ERR 14:08:04.782] PartCompiler: Cannot clone model 'CivilianPopulation/Models/Utility/surfaceAttachHouseSmallInternal' as model does not exist [ERR 14:08:04.782] PartCompiler: Model was not compiled correctly [LOG 14:08:04.782] LoadInternalPart 'CivilianPopulation-master/Source/assets/src/main/resources/Spaces/smallApartmentInternal/smallApartmentInternal' FAILED: Cannot find model I love this mod, so if you can fix it, it would be great!
  16. No, I floats every once in a while. Even without the drills. I visit it often when I go to Eve, and almost every time it was floating.
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