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  1. How can I download the robotic arm from this video? I believe it's Canadarm2 but I can't find it anywhere!
  2. Got a tiny issue... I can only see the mission window when I'm not on a loaded vessel. So only in the KSC, VAB... I can toggle it working perfectly but on the mission, whilst I'm on the vessel, flying, in space, wherever I am with a loaded vessel or kerbal it just won't show up Edit: I SOLVED IT Create a new career game, add some contracts and toggle the contract window in both the KSC and on a loaded vessel. Copy and paste the contract window lines in the persistent.sfs files
  3. It keeps happening to me every time I reload the same and the game...
  4. YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  5. I do... but I LOVE both mods... can't spare any of them! Is there anything I can disable or tweak in the files? Maybe they could help me in Paralax's thread? Here are the LOGS, CRAFT, and SAVE FILE <------------- I don't know! Just loaded the solar panel and that was it, I put it in orbit with hyperedit to see how it behaves and it's very unpredictable, sudden explosions and that....
  6. I really need help Do you need the logs and the save file?
  7. How can I build a sun tracking robotic part?
  8. Has this been solved? It is happening to me right now on 1.11
  9. I get what's happening: The modules are made to be assembled by docking them with the C-22 CBM docking part. This will give it more width and it'll fit perfectly.
  11. Cool thanks! But what do I write inside the PART and Needs brackets instead?
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