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  1. How would a patch for a fuel cell powered by LqdMethane be? I know I can just copy-paste the LH2O configs, but what would the ratios be for Liquid Methane fuel?
  2. I can't get it to work... is the Fuel Cell supposed to have this new module? It doesn't show up, nor any option in the part's right click menu
  3. What are the statics called? (the bottom pad)
  4. Yeah I know. But the original author discontinued updating the mod... Even the topic got closed...
  5. This feels like "-What you eating? -Food" I meant the models! What kk building mod pack, names, etc... I know it's kerbal konstructs
  6. Yes! The new update is awesome. I'm sorry it messed up most of your work. Yaaaayyyyy! Thanks mate, I can't wait! I wanted to simulate a "The Martian" inspired base. That new dome looks like a perfect fit! (Not the windowed cockpit in the pictures)
  7. Will you be adding support for the new Station Parts Expansion Redux's NEW DOMES? I'd love to use them on top of Benjee's Planetside mod parts but it's too big..
  8. It looks like spectra's duna doesnt have an atmosphere such as Astronomer's, I can see right through into the stars through the sky... I would love to have this visual pack and still be able to see Duna's atmosphere like in How can I do that?
  9. AutoBalancingLandingLeg (Currently not maintained) What happened to this? What was it like, this mod? Could I have the old files for myself?
  10. Terrain editing won't pass on to 1.12 from 1.11. My duna base slides down the hill . Duna doesn't have a flat surface at all, and I can't get my base to stand still, that's why I really loveod this feature. I'm putting this coment up so I can get notified when an update is up.
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