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  1. Hey there! I've got a bit of an issue... My water drill on Duna stops when it reaches certain ammount! (Drill is still on, does the animation and makes the sound but stops gathering any water) Heat control is ok and kerbals are all 5 star experienced... Any thoughts?
  2. Thank you! It worked with most of the parts I wrote into the patch, all of them but the KAS parts. It was copy pasted from the code you wrote here. Any thoughts?
  3. Wow! How did you exactly do that? The flexible docking port just blows my mind, how's that even possible? Must not come from VAB for sure
  4. You need to add a "TechRequired = whatever level you want" line in the cfg files. Otherwise the satellites won't appear in career or science mode
  5. It's been a while since I've last played KSP... although I'm having the same problem. I'm using TweakScale, yes, and I've checked settings.cfg file in Gamedata/KIS folder but I don't exactly know what to do there. Can you help me please? Thanks!
  6. Because it looks cool! I'd love to do what's in the pictures and I hope someone with knowledge of modding can do that one day. Meanwhile I managed to do this with KAS and Infernal Robotics: Video here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xWI5I5x6_1FwrvmWBMGUC8PZQMj1viH8/view?usp=sharing I haven't managed to build it with Breaking Ground robotics cause they're too weak for big weights.
  7. You could try something like this: I uploaded this video to report a problem with the stages, as I was using KAS for the winched crane. I think the problem is still happening, although I'm not launching many Starships at the moment and none of them to surface landing. You can find the video at this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xWI5I5x6_1FwrvmWBMGUC8PZQMj1viH8/view?usp=sharing And YES! It would be amazing that @damonvv or whoever is capable of doing something like the picture you posted (which is official cause it's in the Starship's User Guide inside SpaceX websit
  8. @damonvv This update looks good! I love the new Rodan Cargo! Will use it in many missions!
  9. It turns annoying... I wish I knew how to convert the 3d models to ksp compatible... Are there any tutorials for that?
  10. We Love Tesla. Don´t we? So I've always had a question... Why's that no one has ever done or released playable models of the newest cars from Tesla Motors Inc. available? I've been using @fast_de_la_speed's Fastcorp Autogarage mod since I ever started playing ksp, and I found it amazing, the Tesla Roadster model got me impressed, and I'm more likely to play with the Roadster than with any other model, to be honest. Since this mod is only parts and it can be used forever. Is there a way in wich I can change the models so I can play with custom model S, model 3, model X, model Y,
  11. Does anyone know why the drills ain't drilling nor adding units up in the container?
  12. Oh wow! You know, I'm from Spain, and I learn new things every day just like everybody else
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