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  1. I'm excited about getting to know how resource gathering and transfering is going to work. It is the key for colonies and many of those interactions will have to be automatized in order to reach out further into the solar system and then go interstellar. SUPER EXCITED!!!
  2. I’ve got the patreon update of the volumetric clouds. In Duna, night time doesn’t feel night cause it won’t turn completely dark, the surface and the craft are not shiny but I can see everything clearly as if it had some kind of brightness. I also have Prallax and I followed the installation steps. Do I need to change some settings or something?
  3. Do I have to keep the Surface FX/Underwater FX/Highlights FX turned on with Parallax installed?
  4. So, does it help to change the value of connectedMassScale up to 10?
  5. Has anyone in this post figured out how to add part volume modules to the parts? I would like to make the EVA Extender backpack into a stock prop that kerbals can wear like the parachute and jetpack using Benjee's Wearable Props plugin. The problem is that I cannot add a part volume to the part. Any thoughts? PS: I don't know how to use this mod that automatically adds volume to all parts and it quite messes with my game as it's already heavily modded.
  6. How can I get rid of the annoying shaky effect in map view? It also happens in flight mode but it can be corrected with a proper TUFX profile.
  7. The Unmanned Experiments not appearing was caused by some custom configs by Wallum. Inside the folder with the same name, find the KerbalismConfig folder, there are a few patches there, one of them contains a few lines that delete the experiments on all command probes. I'll leave it here just in case someone runs into the same problem. Cheers!
  8. The Configurable Unmanned Experiments button in the VAB/SPH is gone, nowhere to be found when right clicking a probe. All other configurable menus are okay (life support, crew experiments, base experiments, lab, etc) What should I look into in order to find where the problem is? This happened after the last update. I went back to 12.1.3 and the problem persists.
  9. Why are now the struts propelling my aircraft (kraken powered) when I turn them on? I use them to strut my robotic parts during flight. Actually I have them turned on the whole flight from the moment of launch. Once in orbit, I can see my numbers drop or rise! I turn them off, and the orbit is stable. I can recall that the older versions (the ones where you had the 3 different strut parts and different laser beams) worked with no problem. What's wrong? I will provide logs if asked.
  10. There are a lot of parts. Many of them are from little to large satellites and I don't know which ones go with wich. I know there's an unofficial wiki for assembling the launch vehicles. Bus where can I look up for the satellite assembly? Nevermind, I found them...
  11. How do I disable the selection box? And the RCS click following? And the "O" key selector?
  12. Wow! This looks fantastic! Will it work having the Scatterer Sunflare in its config folders?
  13. Can I turn off Eve's foliage? I still believe its surface is too hot to bear life on it, sorry.
  14. Thank you! I got a 92%!! The actual job would be "Airport Operations Coordinator", and it's about overseeing the ground handling services of a plane on the ground (such as disembarking/boarding of passengers, unloading/loading of cargo/baggage, fueling and maintenance needed for the aircraft...). It's fun hahahaha. I tried the new version and I wish I could say it works, but I can't test it because the fuel bug is back. There is no extra fuel B9Switch, but in the tanks menu appears to have more fuel than the ammount you set. When I launch the vessel, the tower automatically starts refueling the remaining empty tanks.
  15. I'm sorry for the late reply. I won't be able to play KSP until I get my aircraft coordinator exams done this week. Been really busy with that. I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, a question: Do I have to replace the craft files each update?
  16. The targetVessel1 has indeed no crew. Maybe I did wrong bringing them back after accomplishing the contract and should've waited for the next one. The target I'm aiming is Gallileo Station. I've just uploaded the persistent file in the later link.
  17. I managed to make it work. I left the first logLevel as WARNING, changed the other two to VERBOSE. Now it worked. There you go, and thank you: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1axg1S8inQ2CD9VX7jcbk28mJH_Ous94V?usp=sharing I deleted the SSSixMonths achievement via in-game cheats hoping it would let me re-do the contract and trigger it again. But it ended up not triggering either, so I went backwards.
  18. I set all three lines of logLevel to VERBOSE and I'm not getting any logs in ContractConfigurator\log\CareerEvolution\SSOneYear.log. And yes, I renamed the file to ContractConfigurator.cfg
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