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  1. So I just bought the Making History Expansion Pack but I have no idea of what to build. Now I already built a Soyuz and am currently building the Saturn 5 but other then that what should I build?
  2. One thing I forgot to mention was when I am trying to get a encounter with something and a bunch of random pop ups of the names of everything shows up and blocks the maneuver markers.
  3. What annoys you most about KSP? For me it’s when I am on a EVA on a moon and I go up but I end up going down and hitting the surface and bouncing back up and have to wait for the kerbals to stop bouncing. Another thing is when I am trying to get a encounter with a moon or planet and I get the encounter but it keeps glitching back and fourth to a encounter to no encounter. I am able to get around this with time warping but it still is annoying.
  4. Hello, my challenge is for anyone to make something from Star Wars and get into a Kerbin orbit or farther. It may be from Legends or Canon. Points: 5 points Kerbin Orbit 10 points Mun/Minmus Orbit 15 Eve Orbit 20 Duna Orbit 30 Dres Orbit 50 Jool Orbit (add a extra ten if you go to one of it’s moons) 100 Eeloo Orbit 150 Moho Orbit
  5. I use four aerobrakes and some fins on the bottom of the craft to help slow down on landing.
  6. So I currently want to make a cool cinematic video but I don’t know how to. I have the setting that allows aim camera to be available (forgot the name). But when I try to plant a flag I have to turn on the GUI’S and that kind of messes it up. So does anyone know if we are able to add action groups to Kerbals and how to get better cinematic shots. Side note: I am trying to do this without the help of mods.
  7. I have four aerobrakes on it and I deploy them when I enter the atmosphere but it doesn’t always work.
  8. Umm not blowing up half of the engines on reentry and slowing down the booster enough.
  9. What I have been doing is separating my booster and quickly plotting a maneuver with the second stage and getting it into orbit then trying to landing I haven’t had any successful attempts of landing it so I don’t know if it completely works yet.