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  1. One of my saves got corrupted a few months back which I made a post saying "Value cannot be null", I haven't been able to get the file un-corrupted though so I want to try and take the saves from the VAB and SPH to my new version of that save. However I don't know how to do that, I think if I move the ships file from the save to the other it may work but I want to be sure thats how you do it. The corrupted save has bunch of valuable builds I made and I really don't want to lose them.
  2. I added a truss section to the motor with the fairing and it still spun the storage part.
  3. So I'm working on a ringed space station with 3 segments, the second segment houses the ring and the storage part of the station, my problem is I want the ring to spin but it keeps spinning the storage thing instead of the ring, when I flip the motor around it still spins the storage thing even if I move the ring to the other side of the motor, note that I'm using the method Matt Lowne showed in a video of his with the 36 symetry glitch. I don't know if I have the ring strutted together in the wrong area or the motor is just messed up.
  4. So I just bought the Making History Expansion Pack but I have no idea of what to build. Now I already built a Soyuz and am currently building the Saturn 5 but other then that what should I build?
  5. One thing I forgot to mention was when I am trying to get a encounter with something and a bunch of random pop ups of the names of everything shows up and blocks the maneuver markers.
  6. What annoys you most about KSP? For me it’s when I am on a EVA on a moon and I go up but I end up going down and hitting the surface and bouncing back up and have to wait for the kerbals to stop bouncing. Another thing is when I am trying to get a encounter with a moon or planet and I get the encounter but it keeps glitching back and fourth to a encounter to no encounter. I am able to get around this with time warping but it still is annoying.
  7. Hello, my challenge is for anyone to make something from Star Wars and get into a Kerbin orbit or farther. It may be from Legends or Canon. Points: 5 points Kerbin Orbit 10 points Mun/Minmus Orbit 15 Eve Orbit 20 Duna Orbit 30 Dres Orbit 50 Jool Orbit (add a extra ten if you go to one of it’s moons) 100 Eeloo Orbit 150 Moho Orbit
  8. I use four aerobrakes and some fins on the bottom of the craft to help slow down on landing.
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