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  1. Couldn't national anthems be considered 'country songs'?
  2. Aeroflot, Russia's flag carrier/main airline still has a hammer and sickle as part of their logo. They went with something different in 2003 (I think around then) to separate themselves from communism, but they returned to their old logo after a little while. as it had been an iconic part of the company for years (Aeroflot is also quite an old airline, founded in 1923). I believe in 2019 there were some issues with Aeroflot's advertising campaign in Estonia due to their logo and historical impacts of communism in Estonia. Old livery: I guess post 1991 livery (Going by the flag) but still using winged hammer and sickle: Aeroflot livery without winged hammer and sickle: Current livery with (tiny) hammer and sickle logo:
  3. When you read wikipedia articles for hours
  4. When you see a package of some gummy candy at a store, notice it's red, white, and green, and just think "Hungarian flag".
  5. I had an entire conversation with ChatGPT about Polandball and how to learn Finnish. It's kind of interesting. It even gave me this Polandball comic plot, which isn't even too bad: Panel 1: Sealandball is shown sitting on his tiny platform in the middle of the ocean, looking bored. Panel 2: Suddenly, UKball appears, waving a flag and shouting "Sealand, I claim thee in the name of the Queen!" Panel 3: Sealandball looks up, surprised, and responds "What? But I am already a country!" Panel 4: UKball looks confused and asks "What do you mean, you're a country? You're just a tiny platform in the middle of the ocean!" Panel 5: Sealandball stands up proudly and declares "I may be small, but I am still a sovereign nation!" Panel 6: UKball scratches his head and says "Well, I suppose that's true. But you're still technically part of my waters." Panel 7: Sealandball rolls his eyes and responds "Yeah, yeah, I've heard it all before. Just let me have my independence, okay?" Panel 8: The final panel shows Sealandball standing on his platform, looking out at the sea. In the distance, a giant wave is approaching. Sealandball says "At least I don't have to worry about invading armies...just invading waves!"
  6. @NazalassaNice drawings! Here's a low-quality Nepal I made for no reason. I wanted to draw some mountains in the background, but didn't really feel like it. And a slightly better quality Belarus I guess I am a little obsessed with polandball.
  7. I'm also working on making a Polandball-themed trailer skin for ETS2. I'm making each country (Or set for smaller ones, like the Baltic nations being on top of each other) separately in paint then adding them all on a trailer template in paint 3d because I don't really have any better program. I've got a lot of countries to do, and I'm working on the Baltics now (Not entirely finished). Nice lightbulb @tajwo.
  8. Not that interesting but I just found out the name of Bhutan's anthem is "The Thunder Dragon Kingdom". Honestly it's not my favorite as far as the music goes (Just my opinion), but they definitely picked a cool name. Technically apparently Vietnam is one of the 10 countries in the world that has never been in a war (Because North and South Vietnam were separate entities from the current Socialist Republic of Vietnam, I think) and they haven't had a war since Vietnam reunified, I guess,
  9. When you read Aeropostale and think of Aerospatiale When you know the difference between the Chad and Romanian flags.
  10. Not exactly a shower thought, but I was reading through the comments of a YT video (I don't remember what it was, maybe the Azerbaijan anthem or something-A really good song BTW, check it out), and someone who wasn't a native English speaker apologized for his "bad English" when the comment was 100% grammatically correct, and I realized how at least half of native English speakers don't really bother with grammar and spelling on the internet. I guess that says something. Just found this which sums up what I said above pretty well:
  11. Banned for using a word over 10 characters long.
  12. Nepal's Anthem: It's just so catchy, I can't stop listening to it.
  13. Here are some drawings I've been working on now that I have a little less schoolwork: El Al 757, but I think I drew it a little too short. Normal day in the Balkans (Oh I also just noticed I accidentally drew Serbia saying (Kosobo je Srbija, I mixed up my Б and В, that's embarrassing, although probably not bad for an American) And (a bad photo that I don't feel like retaking of) my WIP DC-8
  14. When I went planespotting at JFK (Kind of, I didn't see any ground operations but I found a spot on the approach where planes fly pretty low over your head), I was really surprised to see a TAP A321 coming from Lisbon.
  15. Granted, have an Il-76. A Soviet Cargo Plane. Why did I think this was the make a wish thread?
  16. Granted, but the saurus eats you before you can comprehend (or understand, or grasp) its other name. I wish the 727 was still operated for passenger flights in the US.
  17. Garlic may knot, but the can should not. Why is Tringapore a triangle?
  18. Everyone says Poland cannot into space, but I think Poland could into 'space' in the 1940s: "Living Space"
  19. I was just wondering, how true is it that schools in Finland give out pretty much no homework?

  20. Just looking at a picture (normally a side view image as I am not very good at other perspectives yet) of whatever plane I feel like drawing.
  21. When r/polandball is your main news source (I've actually learned a lot from there) Avgeeks unite! Maybe it was an F-106?
  22. "Otrok" means child in Slovenian, but slave in Czech. Basically the same thing though right?
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