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  1. Right here: https://spacedock.info/mod/3034/NeistAir%20Reupdated I got the link from here:
  2. I flew some planes around, mostly. I made an MD-11, a 737 MAX, and an A380 with Niest Aerospace, which I just downloaded today(McKonnell Kouglas KD-11, Koeing 737 MAX, and Kerbus K380 respectively), and made my own Kerbus logo in Paint 3D, and I was surprised at how well it came out. I also modified my Airplane Plus K320 (A320) and made a K317 and a K3 pretty much only by changing the length of the fuselage and the wings a little bit. Yes, I know there is no A317 or A3, but I was experimenting/being a Kerbal. The K3's Vr speed was actually almost 20 m/s higher than that of the K317 and K320. I'm starting to worry I might never go to space again! Other highlights from my day of flying include me being able to land a 737 at the island airfield with no explosions (But I apparently forgot to take a screenshot ), and I even landed a KD-11 with no tail safely after a tailstrike on takeoff from the KSC by allowing the ailerons to control pitch. Since I have started playing FSX a lot more recently as well as more KSP, I remembered how much I love planes, alongside cranes and trucks and stuff. I also remembered how bad a pilot I am in a real flight sim (I'm alright in KSP) but in my defence, why don't try flying a plane with arrow keys? Kerbus Logo Kerbus Logo Text (Yes, that little part sticking out on the "K" is intentional) Kerbus K320 Kerbus K317 Kerbus K3 Kerbus K380. If I'm being honest I didn't spend a huge amount of time making sure this plane looked very close to the original, I just wanted to fly it. I sort of got the landing gear configuration right, though. Koeing 737 MAX 8 (With a new and improved MKAS system!) McKonnell Kouglas KD-11. I cheated a tiny bit; the cockpit is technically meant for a DC-10. I forgot to mention; I'm kind of an aviation nerd. Ich liebe Flugzeuge! Wait, maybe I didn't forget, since at the beginning of this post I kind of said that I loved planes. I guess I just think too much. Or do I? Hmm...
  3. Just looking up some plane CAWS and GPWS sounds on some planes (That's what most of the other YouTube tabs I have open are, just for different planes), and this ad came up. I actually already made a website with Wix. (My crane list, although I haven't worked on it in a while), and what is somewhat interesting is that I haven't changed my YouTube account language to German and haven't watched any videos in German recently.
  4. 3167 Dangit, I missed 3000! I had something planned for that!
  5. The Tu-144. Because Soviet/Russian tires at the time kind of sucked, (Synthetic rubber was used, which was more likely to fail than natural rubber) they just stuck a couple extra wheels on the landing gear bogies figuring "Hey, if some break, we'll still have enough to support the plane, probably"
  6. I don't really like Airbus, their planes insult me when I land.
  7. After traveling there in ETS2, I learned that they drive on the left side of the road in Cyprus, which was interesting to me at least.
  8. No, but maybe they lay Supereggs. How can I get ETS2 to run smoothly?
  9. Earlier today (It is 1:21 AM right now so technically it happened yesterday, and yes, I'm about to go to sleep) when I was helping my dad bring groceries and stuff inside, two C-130s flew extremely low over my house; It seemed like they almost clipped the tops of the trees surrounding my house! Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures because I wasn't exactly prepared. Also, not very interesting, but I switched over my Euro Truck Simulator 2 from a laptop to a desktop (A Dell Latitude - I don't remember the exact model, but it's a somewhat older one - to a Dell Optiplex 7010 we had) and the game definitely runs a little bit faster, but the point is that I can make it even better (I'm going to add RAM and get a different GPU) so it will finally run smoothly! I also have a lot of mods, so that doesn't help .
  10. 2923 Could someone please 'ping' me or otherwise notify me when we get to 2998, if it's not too much trouble?
  11. Nissan Stanza. I run into you with the car (which is powder blue, mostly), and the yourphone.exe virus is overloaded by a large amount of great Venture Bros. quotes and jokes. By the way, Volvo has a 16 liter, 750 hp engine as an option for the FH, that's hardly puny, although I'm sure the Liebherr R 9800's two 62 liter D9812 V12 engines are laughing at the FH.
  12. Granted, but the payload was a nuclear warhead instead of a satellite that destroys your home in an eco-friendly manner. A new "Valentina's Gluten-Free Rockets" store was opened on the former site of your house. I wish my computer was good enough to run ETS2 on the highest graphics setting smoothly, and was good enough to run the new Construction Simulator from Astragon and Weltenbauer that's coming out in a few months.
  13. "Can I buy a Volvo FH in Japan?" I guess that beats Canada's COVID-19 restrictions.
  14. Calling 911 because you're bored and want someone to play Construction Simulator 2015 multiplayer with you.
  15. I don't know, maybe, don't try to ask it though, it's antisocial. Why are model (and R/C) trucks and cranes so freaking expensive?
  16. Granted, there is a big flood. I really wish that the Tamiya R/C 1:14 scale Volvo FH16 Tow Truck shown below wasn't over 1,000 FRICKIN' DOLLARS! (I'm sure I could find it a little cheaper somewhere else or a used one if I did some searching, but it would still be somewhat close to that price )
  17. "LONG LIVE PAINT!!" -Jim Breuer "Aah! You're getting face all over me! Hot melting face!!" -Dr. Venture Henchman #24: We can take my Nissan Stanza. Henchman #21: Oh, shotgun, called! Totally! The Monarch: What color is it? Is it diabolical? Or at least butterfly colored? Henchman #24: It's powder blue. Mostly. The Monarch: Great. 21, what do you drive? Henchman #21: His powder blue Stanza. If it was an MD-11 landing then it might have actually had to take that route.
  18. I just recently discovered this song, and not even because of the meme(s), I discovered those afterwards thanks to Wikipedia. I normally don't really like a cappella music that much (Technically the only other a cappella music I've listened to is The Worthless Peons from watching Scrubs), but I like this, it's kind of catchy. My love of other languages is probably why I like it too.
  19. I started working on a Beriev Be-200. It is definitely not finished yet though, I'm just showing you what I have done so far. I am mainly using Tweakscale and Airplane Plus.
  20. I will post some pictures of the Lego cranes I have been working on very soon, but for now I guess I will just post these, if that's alright (The material handler in one of the videos has been dismantled and reassembled into a crawler crane I am building now) Sorry I don't have anything space-related to show you.
  21. Qantas' last fatal aircraft accident occurred on December 13, 1951, when a De Havilland DH.84 crashed near Mount Hagen, New Guinea. Well, it's a fact, but I guess it's not that fun because 3 people did die in that crash. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Qantas_fatal_accidents
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