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  1. I use the mod Trajectories to help calculate these kinds of landings.
  2. Transfer windows are the key. This tutorial demonstrates the use of Alexmoon's transfer planner
  3. I have been working on making a variety of Breaking Ground propeller and VTOL tutorials. There are many issues that have to be factored during the design phase. These craft often turn out to be more complicated than making rockets.
  4. Put the crew on the bottom of the rocket, why would that be a problem?
  5. The key to getting into orbit is speed more than altitude. You need an orbital speed around 2300m/s to get into low orbit around Kerbin. You need to go up initially to get out of the thicker parts of the atmosphere, but then you need to work on your horizontal velocity. Going up, you are fighting gravity the whole time while horizontal you are only working against drag. This is why you need to use a gravity turn. Each craft is different depending on its TWR and aerodynamics, but I like a starting thrust to weight ratio around 1.3 and try to keep my crafts as streamline as possible. By 4 kms
  6. Make sure you are using a good gravity turn to get into orbit efficiently. I like to place a maneuver node on my apoapsis in order to help time my orbital insertion burn.
  7. Coaxial helicopters are pretty easy to make.
  8. There are several different kinds of helicopters. It sounds like you need a heavy lifting design.
  9. If you could provide some video or even a picture of when you are having trouble, it will be easier to diagnose you issue. One possibility is that you have accidentally set the trim on your aircraft and need to reset it with ALT + X if you are playing on PC.
  10. Congratulations! Off to bigger and better things. If you need any more assistance, please feel welcome to ask.
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