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  1. 15t landing at 3 m/s is 135000N of force. That is like having those landing legs supporting the weight of 2 African Elephants on Earth.
  2. The best way to get into orbit around Kerbin is to use a gravity turn. You'll want a reasonably aerodynamic craft with a starting Trust to Weight Ratio around 1.3 and at least 3400 m/s of vacuum ∆v. Here is a video demonstrating the process.
  3. I made a video detailing the basics of airplane design. https://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalAcademy/comments/h96cpa/lets_discuss_airplane_design/
  4. What mods to you have installed? Your "no connection" message did not look like it is from the stock game.
  5. CommNet - Kerbal Space Program Wiki What antenna are you using, how far from Kerbin are you when you lose connection and what is the level of your tracking station (If this is a sandbox or science mode game, then the tracking station is level 3)? Do you have the extra ground stations enabled in your difficulty settings? Are you able to post pictures of your craft.
  6. For a more aircraft focused play through, it seems like an appropriate mod. It opens up the planet and makes traveling around enjoyable. Just flying among the three stock airfields gets boring quickly. Thanks for commenting. I hope you are enjoying the series.
  7. It has just a little less gravity than the Mun, so a Mun lander will work just fine. It does take a fair amount of ∆v to get there and back. You already know how to get there, but you may need 2900 m/s of ∆v to get back to Kerbin.
  8. I think console uses some different terminology. Could you post a picture of your screen with the different blade setting options?
  9. The game will try figure out what it thinks is the best way to control the blades when you assign them different control authority. I have found it to be frustrating at times as I would like to manually assign the collective and cyclic control. Even changing the pitch of the craft will cause the game to change how the rotors are controlled. The easiest way is to just use the powerful reaction wheels in the game to help orient the helicopter. It is possible to create your own systems for controlling the blades and/or yaw, pitch, roll control (which it sounds like you have already done). The tut
  10. This is how I made it work.
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