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  1. Took my new TIE Fighter out for a test fight.
  2. If you have the Breaking Ground DLC, you can do a little trick with the drain valve to get infinite fuel.
  3. I made a Kraken powered spaceship today. A little frustrating to get it working right, but the finished product makes me smile.
  4. I found I could reliably get to 15 km with my propeller designs. Anything higher I considered a bonus. At 15km the atmosphere on Eve is the same density as sea level on Kerbin, so more engines become viable options. I made this design, and it worked pretty well. Probably should have put a couple parachutes higher up though.
  5. When placed, the painted side of the propeller should be forward (for planes) or up (for helicopters) when the blades are not deployed or have 0 degrees of deployment angle. When not deployed, generally the leading edge should be perpendicular to the motor axis. Normally on Kerbin, you will not need to use the max torque. For efficient travel you should adjust the deployment angle (variable pitch) of the blades. But for a simple plane, this is not necessary. Just use a deployment angle between 15 and 30 degrees and the plane should work. Authority limiter is how many degrees the blade can adjust itself to control yaw, pitch or roll. Normally this is not needed for planes, but is very useful for helicopters. CCW propellers should be used when you use a CCW rotor. These videos may help.
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