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  1. I like to call these videos discussions, because these are exactly the kind of responses/discussions I'd like them to generate. Thank you for the good ideas.
  2. This is little tutorial that I made on the topic You'll get it!
  3. BGYT Craft File!AgX4yLy61s3KkiwZlSBaSt-mqfvv?e=9Uw5Oo
  4. I used autostruts. I also added the ability to change the angle of attack of the rotor wings. You can see that they are almost level when I'm landing. I used the KAL-1000 and bound the angle of attack and the jet engines to the throttle.
  5. Thanks. No need to smash any like buttons. I made the tutorial to be helpful.
  6. Has anyone tried using the breaking ground parts to make a cyclogyro? I'm having trouble keeping the rotors stable. There is too much flex with the parts.